Ice hockey: TELH: A new red lantern – TELH – Tipsport Extraliga Lednho Hokeje

TELH – Tipsport Extraliga Lednho Hokeje Ice hockey – TELH: A new red lantern Kladno defeated Hradec Krlov in a crazy match and slipped to last place while Litvnov won for the third time in a row. Dynamo won again and remain far ahead, Olomouc also won

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Mountfield HK – Rytíři Kladno: 8-7 am
Verva Litvinov – Motor Ceske Budejovice: 6-4
BK Mlada Boleslav – Dynamo Pardubice : 0-1
HC Olomouc – Energy Karlovy Vary: 2-0

Photo hockey TELH: A new red lantern - TELH - Tipsport Extraliga Ledn
Photographer: Vladislav Kollert for
3rd consecutive victory for Litvnov which is not too late

Third straight win for Litvinov metamorphosed, although he has some fears against Ceske Budejovice. A major victory that allows Verva to leave the last place of the general. A quick first powerplay allows Zdrahal to open the meters for the area. Dzierkals also equal to superiority. Petrochemicals do the work and dominate the first third, Skirt after Abdul alone in the first post placed in orbit by an apparent pass from Zīle, mark before the first siren. Litvínov made the right efforts in the second period and managed to score twice more to take a clear lead. Despite his best efforts, Motor failed to reduce the score before the second siren. Then the car engine starts with a bang as soon as it goes on. Vopelka and Chachotsky score in less than a minute to liven up the suspense. Locals are bucking the trend, head recovering a bad recovery from the opposing defense and leaving alone against the goalkeeper, he won his duel to give his men some air. The inevitable Fishing allowing guests to look forward to a little more but not keep them coming back. Litvínov has remained undefeated since then Mlejnek lead team, the petrochemicals left last place in the league and returned to 13th, two points behind their opponent on the day.
The Dynamo is not on its brightest days but it provides valuable things by winning on the ice of Miss Boleslav, a seventh consecutive victory for Pardubice. The white horse consolidates its first place a little further, while BK suffers its fifth straight defeat. The lions were clearly dominant but despite 43 attempts they were unable to break through the shell of Will that whitens. In the second twenty, Matys leading everyone to the right side of the goal before dropping an offer on Paulovic on the other side, he pushed deep and scored the only goal of the game.
Olomouc signing a third consecutive victory by off theEnergy to stay warm in the top quartet. Nahodil and Orsava marked while Lukas closes with 26 saves.

Photo hockey TELH: A new red lantern - TELH - Tipsport Extraliga Ledn
Mountfield took down Kladno in a thrilling game

Mountfield score an amazing victory in an exciting battle against Kladno which drops to last place in the standings. Thanks to this somewhat unexpected victory, the lions climbed to seventh place in the standings. No need to arrive late to the arena, the locals scored twice in the first minute of the game thanks to Zadar and Jergl. Rytíři manages to reverse the trend and Prochazka scored his seventh goal of the season to unlock their counter. The visitors’ efforts paid off as they accounted for half of the third. Taking advantage of a powerplay, the locals went back in front but Brodecki immediately equalized. The Knights skewered the Lions in the middle third by scoring three goals. Lev reduced score once resume last twenty but Brodecki scores again to put Kladno back three points ahead. Time was flying but Mountfield were pressing hard, twenty seconds apart Jergl and Lalancette rattle the visitors’ net and let HK back in at length, three minutes from time. The locals dominated and machine-gunned the Rytíři goal but they clung to their cage and held on. Siblings Climate rotate behind the cage and Lev on the axis governs the shoot Brizgala and equalized in the last second of the game! The extension will not last long, McCormack launching the angle between the knights’ doorman’s pads, Hradec Králové completed the incredible comeback!

Hockey Weekly Stars of the Day:

***: Roman Will (Dynamo Pardubice)
**: Jakub Lev (Mountfield HK)
*: Nicolas Hlava (Verva Litvinov)

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