Frazer Clarke prepares for a major challenge by fighting Derek Chisora, with Anthony Joshua in his corner | boxing news

Frazer Clarke is enjoying perfect preparation for his November 12 bout with Kamil Sokolowski, live on Sky Sports – with the help of two of heavyweight boxing’s biggest names.

Sokolowski is recognized as one of the toughest journeymen on the heavyweight circuit and is expected to give the Olympic bronze medalist the first test of his professional career.

At the Loughborough camp, Clarke rotated with teammate Richard Riakporhe and Commonwealth Games gold medalist Delicious Orie.

Clarke has been training hard for the first major test of his professional career

He also traveled to London to train with Derek Chisora​​​​​as the latter prepares for his third fight with Tyson Fury.

And along with his own Loughborough trainers, Clarke brought in former heavyweight champion and old friend Anthony Joshua to help.

“I went for a few days for sparring. My coaches have other fighters in the gym,” Clarke said. sports in the sky. “Why didn’t I call him?”

“It’s a completely normal practice, you ask a friend to get you a drink, a little advice. Nothing more, nothing less. Lace up my gloves, put on some pads, give me a drink, tell me to stop dropping that lead hand and that was it.

“Never mind what they say, two-time world heavyweight champion, unified champion, Olympic gold medalist, say what you want about him,” Clarke added. “I will ask him for advice [rather] than John sitting behind a computer eating a Big Mac.”

It was good for Clarke. He thinks it’s positive for Joshua as well. “He loves boxing. This is the environment,” he said.

“A boxing gym is a great place to be, especially these days. If you’re a boxer and you’re not currently fighting and you’re not feeling well or whatever, go to the gym, fight -hang out with the boys, help serve drinks, hold the bag for someone, it’s good for you, it’s good for that spirit.

“It’s community.”

Making Chisora ​​a fierce round is especially good for Clarke. “I felt like it was a perfect stylistic moment to go and walk around with Derek,” she explained.

Clarke will look to showcase his punching skills and power on November 12

“Actually, he was with me for a whole day. We had some sparring, then I went for an S&C session. Credit where it’s due. This person trains hard. It’s very difficult.

“It’s true. Sparring really. Obviously big gloves, but Derek Chisora ​​can make it as rough and tough as you want. He’s the original, thoroughbred, tough guy and I’m learning a lot from him too. Not only boxing, pretty little things, in the gym, camping.”

Clarke has warned against cutting Chisora ​​in his challenge next month for Tyson Fury’s WBC heavyweight championship.

“For this match, it’s not just physical preparation, but the mental side. He was boxing someone who had beaten him twice, he wasn’t going there to embarrass himself. He actually wore it. I know a lot of people don’t want to lose to get first,” Clarke said.

“But make no mistake, Derek Chisora​​​​​​is preparing like a madman and he will give him a tough day.

“Not AJ, no [Deontay] Wilder, no [Oleksandr] Usyk, where else are you going? He’ll do it like no other.”

Spending time with high-caliber fighters is another sign that Clarke hopes to improve quickly. He wants to show his quality against Sokolowski and is aiming for the British heavyweight title fight between Nathan Gorman and Fabio Wardley later this month.

“If you think I haven’t watched the Fabio Wardley and Nathan Gorman fight, I’ll be at ringside as interested as anyone, with pen, paper and camera. I will go there. This is my job as a professional. fighter Do not look ahead, but look around. It is in nature,” he said.

“By 2023, if I’m progressing well, that’s the level we want to get to.”

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