PS5: she is FINALLY back, hurry up!

PlayStation 5 is, for many, the object of all desires. It must be said that the animal is based on solid arguments in a context of a damn long shortage: the result is a console that sells in the blink of an eye and is very difficult to find on the market. Fortunately, it’s back in stock today, in a rare way.

PS5 available now: hurry before stock runs out

That’s it, it’s the big day. Finally, maybe. The popular and rare PlayStation 5 has just made a big return to the stocks of some stores, physical and online, and we had to warn you of the rules… but there’s more to tell you ahead of time, you have to be reactive to get it. It’s happening below!

Update 05/11/2022 at 4:00 pm : gone

Update 05/13/2022 at 3:21 pm : the PS5 is available on Fnac.

Update 05/11/2022 at 3:53 pm : gone

Update 05/11/2022 at 2:30 pm : the PS5 is available on Micromania.

Update 05/11/2022 at 11:35 am : gone

Updated on 05/11/2022 at 11:05 am : the PS5 is available on Micromania.

As you have seen so far, it is difficult to get a PlayStation 5. A shame for Sony, but a dominant player in video games and doing everything to use its engine (it must be said that it is clearly in his interest): it turns out that several factors explain the problem.

PS5: still out of stock?

The PlayStation is a very important player in the world of video games, and has been since the arrival of the very first machine in 1994. That being said, Sony has quickly risen to the top of the sector and its consoles are immediately frowned upon… and more , it doesn’t stop, now, from having real production problems that make his PS5 almost untrackable.

Sony hasn’t really been around since thena painful shortage currently remainsand has been for a long time now (ie since the COVID-19 crisis). It hits the production lines of electronic components and, more specifically, semiconductors : No luck, they are required in the production of the PlayStation 5. And not only that, as graphics cards like the Nvidia RTX 30XX are concerned, as well as the Xbox Series X.

So, it is the lockdowns due to the coronavirus crisis that will destroy manufacturing plants. Even now, the impact of the traffic jam is more than the present and the situation is struggling to remove itself: yes, the shortage is still relevant and yes, the PS5 is therefore often, very often out of stock. But fortunately there are restockings that allow you to get your hands on it, provided you are energetic enough.

As you understand, the white monolith of the Japanese manufacturer is not on every street corner. In reality, its production continues in full swing, but the demand is such that there are real bottlenecks in the market, on the customer side. However, there are solutions so that you can also continue with the next generation of gaming.

The most effective solution is to… be cautious. And by that, we mean military preparation to give ourselves every opportunity. So start by creating your customer account on most internet platforms that sell PS5such as major international players (Amazon, Cdiscount, Rakuten) or national retailers (Micromania, Carrefour, Auchan, etc.). If you already have an open account, you have already entered your details (such as delivery address) and the way you pay, you will save a lot of time compared to others.

With all your pre-recorded information, you are less likely to miss your merchandise and the transaction verification path will be faster than ever. This will prevent you from being overtaken by an Internet user who is faster than you.

Next, how do you know if the PS5 is back in stock? Here, pardi! We carefully put together engine restocking for you, in different stores in the country. All you have to do is follow the guide in this article. Regularly, we also check the rumors, which often forewarn new PS5 stocks here and there.

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  • Check out the PS5 stocks at Cultura
  • Check PS5 stocks at Boulanger

The PS5, the best console?

To say that the PS5 is the best console would be particularly arbitrary and highly subjective, especially since its rivals – the Xbox Series and the Nintendo Switch – all have unique and very sharp arguments. The Sony, however, has some assets that simply appeal to the public and make it a highly desired machine.

First of all, we can mention some crisp features. The machine is equipped with an SSD, a very fast storage space that works differently from a traditional hard drive: Loading times are almost instantaneous, which provides great gaming comfort.

It also has a special controller, the DualSense. It is equipped with exclusive technologies: first of all, adaptive trigger, which vibrates and can withstand finger pressure. The idea is to mimic the trigger tail of a gun for example, or the accelerator pedal of a car… or even the string of the bow we’re going to bend.

There are also haptic feedbacks, which correspond to ultra-precise vibrations, which are distributed throughout the controller and can vibrate with a greater level of intensity. Then we can transcribe the effect of a rain, the feeling of walking on the grass, taking a bullet and we pass and the best.

Then, we can also mention a lot of exclusives from Sony, really a great asset. God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Horizon, Gran Turismo: lHis choice is really wide and in general, it’s hard to deny the quality of the work done by the PlayStation studios.

In other words, it is certainly a good console, but it is necessary to succeed in adding it to the basket. Now that you know everything, it’s up to you!

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