Putin says the world is entering the ‘most dangerous’ decade since 1945

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking on Thursday (October 27) in Moscow, the world has entered its decade “most dangerous” since the end of World War II, and the conflict in Ukraine is an illustration of the struggle against Western domination.

“We are in a historic moment. We can say that we are facing the most dangerous, the most important, the most unpredictable decade. since 1945, declared the leader of Russia, in front of the discussion forum of Valdaï, in Moscow.

“The West, without clear unity, cannot lead the world, but it is trying very hard, and most people in the world cannot accept it”he affirms, therefore judging the planet “revolutionary situation”. According to him, the attack on Ukraine is part of it “tectonic change of the entire world order”. “Russia will never tolerate the dictates of the aggressive, neo-colonial West”he added.

Soon, he described his confrontation with the West, especially in the context of the offensive against Ukraine, as a fight for Russia’s survival. “Russia is not challenging the West, Russia is only defending its right to exist”he repeated, accusing Americans and other Westerners of wanting to “destroy, erase [la Russie] from the menu” in a new accusation against its geopolitical rivals, supporting and arming Ukraine against Russian soldiers.

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“Dirty bomb”: IAEA investigation

Regarding Russian accusations that kyiv is forming a “dirty bomb”the Kremlin master asked the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to surrender “as soon as possible” in Ukraine.

“The IAEA wants to join (…). We are for this, as quickly and as widely as possible, because we know that the authorities in kyiv are doing everything to cover the traces of these preparations”he said. “We also know where this is being done [en Ukraine] »added the Russian leader.

Ukraine and its Western allies have widely condemned the allegations, “obviously not true”, from Russia. The IAEA, for its part, announced in a statement on Thursday evening that it would visit ” this Sunday “ two Ukrainian sites at the request of kyiv “to detect any diversion of nuclear material”.

According to Putin, Ukraine wants to use such a radioactive weapon “to later claim that Russia carried out the nuclear strike”. The Russian president relativized his previous threats to a possible Russian recourse to atomic weapons, believing that he was only responding to the threats of his opponents. “We did not discuss the possibility of using nuclear weapons. We only hinted in response to statements from other countries.assured the Russian president.

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For him, Ukraine and the West claim that Moscow is playing nuclear escalation in order to“Neutral countries are being influenced to tell them: ‘Look at Russia! Don’t cooperate with her!” » He then accused the United States “the only country in the world to use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear state”Japan in 1945.

“If he didn’t mean it, why is he talking so much?” Why is he talking about skills? [de la Russie] use tactical nuclear weapons? »responded the president of America, Joe Biden, in an interview with NewsNation. “His approach to this issue is very dangerous”he estimated.

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Called “biological weapons”

Referring to his country’s economic situation, Mr. Putin claimed that “the peak of poverty” economic then “past”. According to him, “The Russian economy has adapted (…). What is happening is finally good for Russia and its future, (…) belongs to the field of economics”.

In the evening, the Russian Foreign Ministry also announced that Russia has asked the United Nations (UN) Security Council to open an international investigation into Washington’s involvement in the alleged development of biological weapons in Ukraine.

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Shortly after the start of its offensive in Ukraine, Russia accused Washington of funding a biological weapons program in Ukraine. Both the United States and Kyiv have denied the existence of laboratories intended to produce such weapons in Ukraine, with Washington calling it a “pure invention”. The UN affirmed that it is not “out of date” of such a program, in the voice of Adedeji Ebo, deputy high representative in charge of disarmament issues before the Security Council.

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