the 3 best accessories sold at cheap prices

In a few hours, 3 accessories of this video game on PS4 and PS5 will be almost paid off. Take advantage, the offer is available for a limited time.

Want to get the most out of your game console while paying as little as possible? We found it for you 3 big promotions on PS4 and PS5 accessories. In, in the key, a possible refund. We tell you everything!

An audio gaming headset compatible with PS4 at -73%

All gamers will tell you: we enjoy our games more with headphones up to the task. Fortunately, it’s like this wired noise canceling headset you are completely addicted to your games. Specifically designed for gaming, this model offers a clear and accurate stereo soundperfect for capturing the full breadth of the generation’s best soundscapes.

Comfortable for long-term use thanks to this leather coverhim adjustable size and his adjustable microphone, this gorgeous ergonomic headset is currently enjoying a crazy discount on Rakuten, as its price has dropped by 73%. Enjoy!

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€26.45 instead of €98.99

A DualShock gamepad for PS4 at half price

Do you want to offer yourself an additional controller at a low price for your PS4? Knock on the good door! already known one of the best controllers to touch in the history of PlayStation consoles, the DualShock 4 from Sony offers precise controls and flawless handling. Above all, the controller embeds a set of features that change the user’s life : large and accessible touchpad, integrated loudspeaker, motion control, micro-headset port… the overall experience is more successful!

The DualShock 4 is also compatible with PS4 games on PlayStation 5, which is very practical due to the amount of games shared between the two consoles. This turquoise model is currently for sale less than 25 eurosso be sure to check it out by clicking the image description below!

€24.49 instead of €52.06

A camouflage DualSense controller for the PS5

Voted the best controller of all time by gamers, the DualSense providing unprecedented gaming sensations on the PlayStation 5. The name dropped for the first time DualShock, the controller changed the habits of Sony and players. Its impeccable manufacturing quality, its clean lines and its overall solidity make it a qualitative controller in appearance.

In fact, all visual impressions are confirmed. The buttons DualSense is more responsive than the Xbox Series controller. The adaptive resistance of L2 and R2 triggers allowing the intensity of the vibrations varies, which provides a particularly immersive gaming experience. Feeling the force of a brake stroke or the spring of a shotgun trigger never seemed so good…

If the classic colors of the controller (white and black) stop you, we advise you to turn to this Camouflage patternperfect for your parties call of duty. It offers the same functions as the basic version, with a touch of originality that makes the difference. In addition, he currently benefits from a 43% discount at its initial price, so treat yourself!

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€71.29 instead of €126.90

Megapeak, Rakuten’s great plan to know right away

If ever there was a time when you should make your Rakuten purchases, this is it first Wednesday of the month. The reason is simple: the more you spend that day, the more points you get that you can enjoy later. Your status depends on the reimbursement rate you qualify for, and it is gradual:

  • Regular status buyers will receive a refund of 10% on a maximum of €100.
  • Silver and Gold users will be refunded 15% up to €150.
  • Platinum coverage members will have the option to be paid up to 20%, with a maximum of €200.

This is a great way to save money while buying more, so check the date on your calendar!

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