New technologies: on the way to Montreal for five Corsican entrepreneurs

Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital innovation in the field of education and employment. Here is part of the program of the show MTL is connecting that just ended Montreal in Canada of which four young entrepreneurs from Ajaccio participate

Between Chinatown and the American football stadium in McGill Universitya large building with an atypical facade, mixing stones and bay windows, perfectly representing the architectural diversity found in the Canadian metropolis.

This is where the 4e edition of MTL Connecta international exhibition focused this year on digital ecosystems turn towards the city and the territories.

In the hall a group of five young Corsican entrepreneursbarely recovering from jet lag and benefiting from a partnership that ended weeks earlier in the interval the OFQJ (Franco-Quebecois Office for Youth) and the SPL ajaccienne M3E. “Everything happened so fastconfessed Audrey Paoletti, director of M3E, OFQJ is looking for candidates, and we just finished our business acceleration residency. Some logistical issues need to be managed immediately, for example for passports. The Adec (the Economic Development Agency of Corsica, editor’s note) also help us for some partners who are over 35 and therefore not included in the OFQJ system.”

“A video game that rewards sorting”

This is how Margot, Olivier, Marc-Albert, Lucie, all from Ajaccio, and Thomas de Bastia, flew to the North American continent, with the strong desire to help their once-starting business benefit from it.

For example, Margot Poli and Marc-Albert Lortscher launched Plasticapp earlier this year, a “video game that rewards sorting”. The principle: to make a little Tamagotchi-style character development thanks to the sorting and recycling of actions carried out in real life. “This show is an incredible opportunity, our application is based on the bridges created between our real life and our virtual digital universe. So we hope, thanks to the meetings that we will, to further improve our tool: we will do like that for a long time , the rewards obtained in the game can be converted into euros, thanks to blockchain technology.

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The meetings planned are really many. In addition to the fair held on four levels in this building in the Quartier des Spectacles, several appointments were on the agenda of the Corsican delegation: lunch at HEC Montreal, a meeting with the Consul General of France, a visit to the OVH Cloud site (world heavyweight in website hosting).

There are many opportunities to build your business, but also to build links to the international market: “Our programs are mostly accessible online”explains Lucie Lefebvre, founder of FPL Formation, a training center created in 2019 and dedicated to the formation of dental assistants and medical secretaries. “Although our catalog is mainly intended for the French market, many Quebecers are already registered and taking our courses. Coming to Montreal allows me to meet professionals and learn more about their needs , to tailor my content.” Thomas Kolgar, founder of Gray Defined, a company specializing in securing data for industrial applications, from construction to the pharmaceutical industry, agreed: “This experience allows us to be more aware of the digital ecosystem that surrounds us. The meetings with the delegations from Senegal and Madagascar were particularly useful, as well as other meetings which was held on the sidelines of the show.”

If a strong Corsican delegation has seen the light of day for this event, it is also thanks to an agreement signed in June 2021 between the OFQJ and the Collectivity of Corsica. This agreement makes it possible to open financing for different audiences, from business leaders to students and job seekers. “Corsica has responded really well to the call, for of the twenty-one businessmen who have left us for Montreal this year, five are from the island.said Claire Favillier, communication officer of OFQJ. We really appreciate seeing a group operating within the same region, because generally, in addition to the benefits from travel, links are formed within the delegation itself, sometimes leading to local opportunities in economy.

Meeting at HEC Montreal

Olivier Paquier-Lorenzi, founder of Antigone, a solution for reserving places in retirement homes, reflects on an important moment of his stay: “I would say that the main exchange was the meeting with HEC Montréal. We realized that our entrepreneurial ecosystem, although modest in our scale, is very good in terms of projects and innovations that have been brought. Then, like our friends in Quebec, there is a real commonality in what we want to do for our territory and offer quality professional opportunities for those who want to return and for those who want to stay.”

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In the end, an unforgettable and rewarding journey for our entrepreneurs, which will be repeated in the future: “Next year, OFQJ will be a partner of the M3E acceleration residencyrefers to Audrey Paoletti. Our goal is to regularly send Corsican companies to this type of event, in the digital field but also in other sectors, such as integration for example.”

An opportunity that many young entrepreneurs will take advantage of.

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