How to meet employee expectations?

Comfort at work: how to meet employee expectations?

Comfort at work is a topic more than ever, as companies are in full transition to QVT, understanding Quality of Work Life. In fact, a comfortable work environment has a direct impact on productivity and creativity. Despite this, many employees are still dissatisfied with their working conditions and their desks are uncomfortable or inconvenient. In this case, how to improve the working conditions of employees and guarantee them better comfort at work?

Listening to employees

Before turning your entire business organization upside down, consult your employees.
Before turning your entire business organization upside down, consult your employees.

Leader friends, remember one thing, there is no benefit when your employees feel bad in the workplace! In fact, they are what bring your activity to life every day. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of their comfort levels to maintain a productive work environment. Your expectations will be more fulfilled if you pay attention to their expectations. Therefore, we recommend that you pay particular attention to your employees in terms of comfort at work.

Talk openly with them about what they can expect from you. This will help create a healthy working relationship. Consider their needs when making decisions that may affect them. Be sure to consult with them before reorganizing or rearranging their workplace. Quickly respond to their specific concerns or requests (positive or negative, but always with arguments) from your employees regarding comfort at work.

Employees, own your desires!

When your hierarchy asks for your opinion, speak up! You can’t change your work environment just by whining in your corner or just talking about it with your co-workers. If your manager is responsive to your needs, take the time (and the courage) to express your expectations. It will make the environment more pleasant, and above all, it can radically change your comfort at work.

If you want to improve your comfort at work, speak up!  Dare to talk about it with your superiors.
If you want to improve your comfort at work, speak up! Dare to talk about it with your superiors.

Comfort at work: what more could you ask for?

Requests related to work comfort should remain within reasonable limits. No need to beg your boss to move the entire company near you because you’re tired of commuting hours (often a source of stress). Develop concrete requests: certainly, spending time in transport or in traffic jams in the morning and evening is not pleasant for anyone, but your manager is unfortunately not directly involved in this problem. Conversely, you can develop the idea of ​​providing one or more teleworking days during the week. An honest solution to your problem if your profession allows it.

When we think of comfort at work, we really mean all possible improvements that are directly related to comfort! That is to say a change of his working environment. It requires new workshop furniture, reorganization of your office layout, modern technological equipment, chairs adapted to good posture maintenance, professional direct lines, company car, heating or better air conditioning… There is no lack of ideas for improving work comfort.

Comfort at work won't build on its own if you don't ask for improvements.
Comfort at work won’t build on its own if you don’t ask for improvements.

Remember that you still need to be reasonable. If we take the idea of ​​teleworking to avoid traffic jams, we won’t even move an entire department because the sun is in your eyes at a certain time of the day, no. But you can submit the idea of ​​installing blinds etc…

How to properly formulate your request to improve your work comfort?

When you ask your employer to improve your comfort at work, remember to put in the forms, don’t storm into his office in a rage, you risk getting fired. On the contrary, think before you act.

  • Be specific in what you ask.
  • Explain how this change will improve your work experience.
  • Be prepared to compromise.

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