futsal Marcouville City Cergy-Pontoise has been promoted to D1 after six consecutive promotions

Self-arbitrated inter-district tournaments at the highest French futsal level. Marcouville achieved an incredible success and continues its success story. (©MCCP)

” We are here! We did it together! “, rejoiced the staff of City of Marcouville Cergy-Pontoise (MCCP, Val d’Oise) after the announcement of his commitment, next season, to French D1 Championship of futsal. As the best second in their group, the Pontoise club’s flag team saw their entry into the D1 Championship, as evidenced by National Management Control Department (DNCG) of professional clubs, Tuesday June 21, 2022.

“From the beginning, I knew we could reach the highest level of French of futsal in our own (small) way with local players, staff and leaders. We have a pool and the structures to get there, it’s logical! “, smiling Yacine Benkherouf, the president of the club. “Above is Europe,” he laughed.

From inter-district tournaments to D1

Past of self-arbitrated inter-neighborhood tournaments and improvised at the highest level of futsal in France for fifteen years, the MCCP has achieved a success never before seen in the history of its discipline. From Departmental 2 to D1, the sports association plus some 300 licensed was realized six consecutive climbs to write his story.

A successful bet for the structure created in 2011 by a group of teenagers assisted by their facilitator at the socio-cultural center, Kevin Decaux, who took part in three European Cups in UNCFS, before going up the stairs to FFF. “When I was a player and captain of the team, alongside me brother Smainwe participated in three European Cups at UNCFS under the name watercolor social center Marcouville”, recalled Yacine Benkherouf.

When the latter founded and took over the presidency, in 2013, ofAssociation Sport Coeur Marcouville (which will become Marcouville City Cergy-Pontoise in 2019, Editor’s note), this is because he firmly believes in the success of his “socio-educational sports project based on training and integration through sport with young people mainly from the districts of Cergy-Pontoise”.

After a difficult start, “we didn’t even train, because of the lack of access to a gymnasium”, the pontois futsal club proved its worth on the field by chaining victories. “We want to set an example for other neighborhoods and send them a message of hope,” insisted Yacine Benkherouf.

Mayonnaise quickly takes hold and the fascination with the rising stars of the discipline affects the entire city, then the entire agglomeration. “Players from other areas of the Cergy, Vauréal, Jouy-les-Moutier, Osny, Éragny and Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône join us to build a team and an ultra-solid staff around the hard core completed by Smaïn, Fouad, Reda and Icham”, underlined the president of the club now sponsored by the City of Pontoise.

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D1 maintenance and professionalization

“We will continue to play to win, as we always do”, announced Yacine Benkherouf. The latter has already set new goals: “to stay in D1, to develop and professionalize our structure and our “Academy” for 4-14 year olds, to continue our futsal school for children women and to find new partners, public or private. That is why the Mccp asked the urban community and the Department of Val-d’Oise to join the “elites” system of local authorities. out by train or using our personal vehicles”, insisted the manager.

In addition to the general enthusiasm for the pennant team that systematically filled the stands of the sports hall, the club was awarded “Youth Futsal” label speak Val-d’Oise football district. One of his players will play Euro futsal U19 with the France team next October. L’reserve team de Marcouville is done first in R3 ranking and climb up R2while group 3 won the Val-d’Oise Committee Cup. Mccp finally inaugurated it UNSS antennain collaboration with Simone Veil middle schoolat the beginning of the next school year.

In short, everything worked out for the “self-taught” Pontois futsal club, which was eager to find its former international player, Mickaël De Sa Andrade alias Mick-Mick, who now plays in Toulouse. “Potential sponsors can contact us by email or come and meet us at 1, rue Pierre de Coubertin,” concludes Yacine Benkherouf.

“A pride for the City”

“It is a real pride for the City to see the important work carried out by a group of friends to allow Pontoise to reach the highest level. It is worthy of the sport and we admire”, confirmation Sebastien Blanchard, deputy mayor in charge of sports and youth. Notably the elected official accompanied Yacine Benkherouf to support the club during the financial audit conducted by the DNCG auditor.
The room in the Philippe-Hémet sports hall, which received the Paris League final, will be able to host D1 matches, with a maximum of 420 spectators. “Financial health will now be monitored”, however warned the elected official. “The club has to find sponsors and continue to develop, knowing that it will be D1’s Tom Thumb. The media also have their role to play in the future of this climbing sport,” added Sébastien Blanchard. The City also organizes a acceptance in honor of club friday 1eh July, 5:30 p.m., at town hall.

The club in numbers

– 300 licensed players from several towns in the agglomeration.
– 3 managers living in Marcouville.
– 6 coaches, including two state graduates and the rest in training, from the club.
– 3 referees trained at the club.
– 200 children are enrolled in the futsal school.
– 6 teams entered the league, 4 in senior men, 1 in women and 1 in U18.
– 6 consecutive climbs for the first team.

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