Sporty – The sporty KTM RC 8C 2023 has evolved – a lot

A sports car with 128 horsepower for 35,000 euros, doesn’t that sound like a scam? “Nein”, answered KTM customers when they rushed two years ago to the RC 8C pre-order site, this “”, of course, less powerful than the current Superbikes, but lighter and just as sharp .

In 2021, 100 copies of the Austrian sports car were sold in less than five minutes (record to beat: 4′ 32 to be exact). This year, therefore, Katoche agreed to double production… and did not hesitate to raise the price to 39,900 euros. Plan a deposit of 2500 euros to book it online this afternoon, from 3 pm…

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To justify the price increase, the Mattighofen firm announced that the maximum power of the LC8c engine now reaches 135 horsepower. This is 7 units more than the first generation RC 8C intended exclusively for the track, itself 8 hp higher than the original block mounted on the street-legal roadster.

To do this, engine manufacturers completely overhauled their engine, especially “to reduce the oscillating mass“, announced chief engineer Florian Bernroitner. Redesigned combustion chamber, two-segment piston, titanium connecting rod and valves, wider injection body, reinforced fuel pump… The mechanics will be energized , but not dynamite…

Increased clutch preload, removal of the top balancer, and re-tuning of the balancer shaft in the crankcase improved durability, and a Pankl oil cooler added thermal stability“, (re)assured the Austrians.

The sporty KTM RC 8C 2023 changes - a lot - for its second season

Angrier (red zone at 12,000 rpm!), the new Katoche is a bit less torquey and lighter: 98 newton meters and 142 kilograms dry for the 2023 model, against 101 Nm and 140 kg previously… The customers in the future remains victorious in the strength rise, phew!

The cornering speed can also be increased, thanks to the update of the suspensions: the WP Apex Pro 7643 fork (especially the new piston) and the shock and the WP Apex Pro 7746 (new adjustment of fast and slow that compression) is reduced,”offering greater comfort, engagement and confidence“, according to the engineers.

The sporty KTM RC 8C 2023 changes - a lot - for its second season

Performing better than its rivals in a straight line (the 2023 Panigale V4 R puts out 240 hp!), KTM remains confident: “with the exceptional agility of its CrMo4 steel frame, this machine can attack from within any superbike“.

Supplied by Brembo, the Stylema calipers that clamp the 290mm discs via their adjustable 19RSC Corsa Corta master cylinder are clearly up to the job. To be at the right height, the rider can also change the position of his handlebars, footrests and saddle (rear buckle mounted on eccentrics).

The sporty KTM RC 8C 2023 changes - a lot - for its second season

Also, the manufacturer emphasizes that the “modern electronics“always allows varying traction control, engine mapping or engine braking”to adapt the KTM RC 8C 2023 to the desired level of ability (or ambition)“. Attention, the pilot must be careful not to exceed his talent…

Revised dashboard with GPS data logger will crush lap records“, Katoche guarantees… “Satisfied or refunded”? The first 30 customers should not be disappointed: the delivery of their motorcycle will take place on April 26, 2023 at a track day organized at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo in Valencia ( place of the MotoGP Grand Final!).

The sporty KTM RC 8C 2023 changes - a lot - for its second season

Former Grand Prix riders – Dani Pedrosa, Mika Kallio, Jeremy McWilliams… – “will offer riding lessons and a full technical team from KTM and WP Suspension will be on hand to adapt the new bike’s configuration to the circuit’s 14 corners“.

Accommodation, food, motorcycle transport between Austria and Spain and then to the authorized KTM distributor will be covered“, luring the orange brand to paint its second RC 8C in… black! The “rivals and observers (…) will only be impressed by its menacing black shadow, a guarantee of speed and exclusivity. Two words that sum up this new project well“, concludes KTM.

KTM RC 8C: the official video

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