Alexandra Saint-Pierre on the roof of the world, Bohéas in bronze, the French in madness

The sixth and penultimate day of these table tennis world championships, played in Andalusia until this Saturday, November 12, was brilliant for the French team. Alexandra Saint-Pierre, for her first World, became world champion in class 5. Hats off. Four Tricolores won their place in the final of the individual table. Matéo Bohéas, he fought the indomitable Chojonowski in the semi-final.

Alexandra Saint-Pierre, 24, ended this crazy day in the best possible way for the Bluess. Bois-Guillaume member is the new world queen of Class 5. Imperial, in the final, she tormented Ringam of Thailand, a surprise guest in this final. “With a rather reserved nature, he strengthened himself a lot, many cries and a strong emotion after the last point, said Roza Soposki. He came for this title but it was his first choice in Blue . It could distract him. “It didn’t happen. He showed a lot of calmness, clarity and maturity.

Granada took the tricolor air this Friday, November 11. Of the six French in the running, five of them had a clear round. Remaining. “We had a great day,” rejoiced the leader of the French delegation. Two of our athletes will be playing in their first world championship final this Saturday. We want another Marseillaise. These are Maxime Thomas in class 4 and Thomas Bouvais, in class 8.

Four finals this Saturday
The first named perfectly launched the tricolor sun. Accompanied by a controlled and well-led start to the competition, the Lyonnais from the Charcot TT offered himself the reigning double world champion, the Turkish Turan, in three dry runs. “He mastered his semi-final from start to finish, appreciated Roza Soposki. He succeeded perfectly in setting up what he does every day. Maxime Thomas will challenge the Korean Kim Jung-Gil (world No. 7) in the final, defeating his compatriot Kim Young-Gun (No. 2) in the other semi-final.

Thomas Bouvais, he went on himself to find his first major championship final. Very solid and tactically applied against Englishman Shilton at 8e in Thursday’s final, he managed to extricate himself from the Croatian trap represented by young Zohil at the end of a high-flying five-set game. Thomas Bouvais made extended matches fashionable this Armistice Day in France. In the quarter-finals, another Englishman, Wilson, world No. 2. Again, Thomas Bouvais showed the mental strength of the occasion to win 16-14, not without saving two match points. “When we know what Thomas has been through in recent years, we can only salute his performance, explained Roza Soposki. He was combative, solid and never panicked even when the games got off to a bad start. The Levallois player will face Ukrainian Viktor Didukh, world No. 1, world champion and reigning Paralympic.

The other two French finalists are players experienced in these gold medal matches. This obviously does not detract from their merit… On the contrary, when you know that confirmation is always the hardest thing in sport.

Eleven medals and one title were secured

Honor women and Thu Kamkasomphou. Tired of physical glitches this year, Rennaise came to these Worlds with few benchmarks. Gradually, he raised his level of play to play a quality quarter and semi-final. In the absence of the Chinese, Thu Kamkasomphou, n°2 in the world, will play an undecided final against Norwegian Dahlen, at the top of the world ranking. “It will definitely be 50-50 in the final, the referent of the French disabled ping believes. But to see Thu raise his level of play in the laps is very positive. »

He will finish this Saturday in the French finals. Fabien Lamirault, double world champion and double Paralympic champion in the title, also rose to power in the laps. And the first set of his semi-final against Cha was undoubtedly the most striking proof. Leading 3-9, the Marseillais literally crushed the Korean to win this preliminary round 11-9. Then Fabien Lamirault found this quiet strength that characterizes him to hold his opponent down and leave him with only crumbs. He will find on his way to the final, his best enemy, the Polish Czuper.

Before this final day, France, which had won four bronze medals at the end of the doubles events, would finish with seven singles medals, including a title. Hope the Marseillaise will be fashionable in Spain this Saturday.

Friday results.
¼ final.
Class 8M. Zohil (Cro) – Bouvais: 2-3.
Class 10M. Sillapakong (Thai) – Boheas: 0-3.

½ final.
Class 4M. Turan (Tur) – Thomas : 0-3.
Class 8F. Kamkasomphou – Van Hoof (Hol): 3-0.
Class 2M. Lamirault – Cha (Cor): 3-0.
Class 8M. Bouvais – Wilson (GB): 3-2. Chojnowski (Pol) – Boheas: 3-0.

Class 5F: Ringam (Thai) – St Pierre : 0-3.

Saturday’s finals.
Class 8F (10 am). Dahlen (Nor) – Kamkasomphou.
Class 4M (12:15 pm). Thomas – Kim Jung-Gil (Horn).
Class 8M (2 pm). Didukh (Ukr) – Bouvais.
Class 2M (7 pm). Lamirault-Czuper (Pol).

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