IN PICTURES, IN PICTURES. Paul Melly and Amina Bettiche dominated the 84th Challenge Carrington de Louviers

The leading pack of the men’s elite race of the 84th Challenge Carrington, in Louviers (Eure), this Friday, November 11, 2022. ©La Dépêche de Louviers

The participation of the sun undoubtedly contributed more to its success 84e Carrington Challenge editionthis Friday, November 11, 2022 at Annette Sergent stadium, at Louviers (Eure). The need to emerge after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to Covid 19 and a smooth recovery for the 2021 edition also determine the factors for the popular and sporting success of oldest cross-country in France.

All day, including the famous morning race, no less 5,000 people – athletes, coaches, educators, organizers, elected officials, volunteers, parents and loved ones – walked through Annette Sergent stadium. An exceptional year as 2015 reached 1,800 registered for the Carrington Challenge races. This year, 1,600 athletes registered for one of the Challenge races.


Melly and Bettiche as masters among the elites

In all races, the level has clearly increased with the increase in the number of athletes. Paul Melly and Amina Bettiche, The elite race winners of the 2021 edition better watch out, the competition is waiting for them.

The battle was tough for Kenyan Paul Melly, a regular at the Circuit de la Plaquette. Until the end of the race, his two main opponents will see him in all colors. Youssef Mekdafou (Pierrefette) and Stephen Ogari (Kenya) will finish just behind his heels at 1 and 3 seconds respectively. An epic battle!

For Amina Bettiche (Val d’Europe Athletisme), settled the affair over the course of the race, knocking down its opponents one by one. He finishing with a comfortable lead of 42 seconds to Samira Mezeghrane-Saad (Vans Stadium).

The Challenge changes hands

The main trophy the Carrington Challenge, changed hands. SPN Vernon gave up their trophy won three times in a row for the benefit of the good Stadium team Sotteville 76 along with the pool of national level athletes.

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During the presentation of the cups, Philippe Brun (PS), deputy for the constituency of Louviers, François-Xavier Priollaud (MoDem), mayor of Louviers, and José Pires, sports assistant, were able to congratulate the athletes for their courage and their determination.


The Carrington Challenge rewards different athletes in different categories, including two queens: Senior Men’s Hopes (Elite Men) and Elite Women. Here are the podiums.

Senior Prospect Men (Elite)

1st: Paul Melly (Kenya) – Entente Sambre Avesnois

2nd: Youssef Mekdafou – Pierrefitte Multi Athlon Ville

3rd: Stephen Ogari (Kenya) – Athlé 92

Men’s Masters

1st: Hassan Oubassour – Stade Sottevillais 76

2nd: Julien Renault – SPN Vernon

3rd: Guillaume Suze – SPN Vernon

Women’s elites

1st: Amina Bettiche (Algeria) – Val d’Europe Athletics

2nd: Samira Mezeghrane-Saad – Vanves Stadium

3rd: Fatiha Asmid (Morocco) – Athletic Vallée d’Avre

Relay cross

1st: SPN Vernon

2nd: ASPTT Rouen

3rd: EA Cergy Pontoise


1st: Lise Thomas – Evreux AC

2nd: Elisa Maurice – AC Barentin

3rd: Chloe Richard – SPN Vernon


1st: Marceau Lecompte – Amiens UC

2nd: Nohann Gautier – SPN Vernon

3rd: Nathan Becker – AC de Friville


1st: Ambre Billy – Entente Mont Saint-Aignan – Maromme

2nd: Andrea-Lou Lavoine – Eu Bresle

3rd: Manon Fleury – SPN Vernon


1st: Lazare Lapierre – Rouen Normandy Athletics

2nd: Valentin Béral​​​​ – Saint Leu

3rd: Mamou Gauthier – Perch Aigle Mortagne

little girls

1st: Manon Rousseaux – Fécampois coast

2nd: Maelysse Baudoin – GA Basse-Seine

3rd: Lisa Galzin – Piranhas

Little boys

1st: Alban Portheault – Evreux AC

2nd: Tom Le Brun – Entente Mont Saint-Aignan – Maromme

3rd: Basile Doley – Rouen Normandy Athletics


1st: Judith Ponnou-Delaffon – Evreux AC

2nd: Alice Bardet – Stade Sottevillais 76

3rd: Camille Rochette – Stade Dieppois


1st: Antoine Adam – Stade Dieppois

2nd: Vincent Marrec – Les Mureaux Val de Seine

3rd: Quentin Orobon – Les Mureaux Val de Seine

Junior Women

1st: Melissade Jourdan – Cergy Pontoise athletics

2nd: Mathilde Degenetais – CS Gravenchon

3rd: Mathilde Danten – In Abbeville

Junior Men

1st: Florian Guérin – Stade Dieppois

2nd: Charles Maillard – Cergy Pontoise athletics

3rd: Sasha Bréard – Stade Sottevillais 76

“This is a very good Carrington”

Of the 1,600 registered, 1,400 athletes will finish their careers, including 1,209 classified (not including awakenings not classified according to the rules of the French Athletics Federation). This is one of the best scores for this emblematic sporting event in the cloth city. “This is a very good Carrington,” said Didier Deneux, President of Etoile Athlétique Lovérienne (EAL), club arrangement. Bruno Marais, the “boss” of Carrington and vice-president of the club, is very satisfied with this 84.e editing.

This year and as in previous years, the Norman clubs responded again. The novelty is the arrival in force of the Parisian clubs. When they left, they told us that they appreciated the course at the Annette Sergent stadium and the welcome from the Lovériens organizers. They should be back next year.

Bruno Marais

Health village and volunteers

The EAL health village has become an institution in the heart of Carrington. Some structures have given explanations on avoiding visitors. We note the presence of the AFD (diabetes), the APF (France Handicap), the League against cancer and of course Harmonie Mutuelle who, this year, sent Faustine and Sandrine Scudeller to give people who wanted a short session massage, especially. one that finds its origins in Japanese Shiatsu. “We also do plantar reflexology to bring healing. People want to take better care of themselves”, Sandrine points out.

Didier Deneux and Bruno Marais warmly thanked the volunteers without whom Carrington would not be possible as well as their colleagues who agree to devote a lot of time to Carrington. »

As for the chip shop, the four volunteers Christian, Jacqueline, Laëticia and Sébastien underlined: “We sold everything from 3 pm, everything was very fast. »

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