The Grand-Pré stadium in Voisins-le-Bretonneux will be renovated

The Grand-Pré stadium will be renovated, especially with the renovation of the tennis courts. The graffiti wall below will be hidden. (©Manon Varaldo)

Change is about to happen! From November 15work will begin on the Grand-Pré stadium in Voisins-le-Bretonneux.

Redevelopment of the entire site is planned except for the football pitches recently reproduced. On the contrary, the tennis courts are quite old.

Tennis courts

“The tennis courts have not been properly maintained because we see that they will evolve. They will be redesigned to be as functional as possible, and newer. Two renovations are planned, one on clay. This last area is accessible to members of the Tennis club of Voisins, and the other is in free access and without license to all Vicinois, details Alexandra Rosetti, mayor of Voisins-le-Bretonneux. We keep the graffiti wall created for young people. Their art is very high quality. »

The third field will be redone at a later date.

Two indoor padel courts

Another sport that has seen the light of day and sparked many discussions within the municipality for years: padel

Two covered courts for this racket sport will be made.

“Padel is a growing sport. It is less violent than tennis and squash. So it is interesting to include this practice in our sports park. The activities are supervised and managed by the tennis club, with a fee of reservation system.”

Alexandra RosettiMayor of Voisins-le-Bretonneux

A bowling alley

These two sites will be combined into one 758 m² building, which will contain other spaces.

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“We will have a petanque center, for our players who are more and more”said Alexandra Rosetti.

The bowling alley surface will be resurfaced and removed. LED lighting will be put into service.

Eco-responsible site

This building also includes a reception hall, a storage space, an electrical room and one for cleaning, shared toilets accessible to people with reduced mobility and two changing rooms: “If there is no shower and no heating to not create an operating cost, underlines the elected official. We are adding a closed area of ​​conviviality, sheltered”.

This project includes a 50 m3 buried water recovery tank. “We can recover this water and use it in difficult times, like the drought we experienced this summer, to water the plants. We are creating something new, by including this tank, an important point for ecological transition. »

Another point of this redevelopment: all hallways will be rebuilt and accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Subsidized project

The cost of this work is1 million euros.

“In the 2022 budget. We launched the works this year to benefit from a fund for the sports culture competition from Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and a subsidy from the Ile-de-France Region, which will enable us to ‘achieve a minimum of 50% project financing’

Alexandra RosettiMayor of Voisins-le-Bretonneux

Despite these subsidies, the project was not unified. “I would not have done such a project at this time, declared, annoyed, Olivier Afonso, opposition municipal councilor “United for Neighbors”. We are experiencing a real crisis that affects everyone’s purchasing power. The City increased the prices of municipally provided services (school canteen, child care, etc.) by almost 8% to meet the increase in their costs. The Bois-de-la-Garenne school will close at the beginning of the 2023 school year because it is too expensive. We also have big deadlines: the Shed or the cemetery, but a lot of money has been put into the redevelopment of the stadium including the padels. »

“This project is to complete the sports offer of Voisins-le-Bretonneux, said the mayor. Voisins has the label “Active and Sporting City”. This is no coincidence because it is a city that always bets on leisure sport this side. It makes it possible to develop a taste for effort and self-transcendence but also to play as a team. Sport is made up of exchanges and camaraderie. It is also an important vector for health, at any age. We provide residents with quality sports equipment. »

Construction time is estimated at 10 months.

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