Haiti is seeking funding for its fight against cholera

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A call for donations has been launched by representatives of the Haitian government and the UN, indicates Le Nouveliste. Their goal: ” secure $145.6 million to support the country’s emergency response to the new wave of cholera and provide critical assistance to 1.4 million people living in the most affected areas “. According to the press release, this amount will significantly allow local authorities to prevent the spread of cholera, ” through activities in terms of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene and health, while responding to urgent needs, in terms of food security, nutrition and protection, in the most affected areas According to the WHO, 500,000 people are at risk of cholera in Haiti “.

Meanwhile, according to The National,” children are gradually returning to school “, ever since ” release of petroleum products and replenishment of some service stations “. Schools reopened in Miragoâne, Saint Marc, in Jérémie. Le Nouveliste explained that mainly students away from big cities are concerned. “In the metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince, it’s a different scenario. Few school children returned to their classrooms “, continued the newspaper. ” Several private schools operate. Public schools are disappearing “.

Little enthusiasm after the announcement of the candidacy of Donald Trump

The American press has not been kind to Donald Trump, a day after the announcement of his candidacy for the presidency of 2024. Nope. “, simple title of the editorialist of National Review this Wednesday. no” firm and unquestionable “, asserted the conservative media. While recognizing the achievements of Donald Trump during his tenure, the National Review think about the position of the Republican Party” severely damaged under his hegemony “and refused” remain personally and politically dependent on Trump and his crackpot obsessions for at least two more years “. The New York Times condemned the former president’s speech ” wandering around “and believe he didn’t care” Republicans’ concerns are responsible for the party’s poor performance in the midterm elections “.

The defeat of Kari Lake, for the position of governor in Arizona, was very commented on this Wednesday. For Politicothis is ” bad sign “. The Wall Street Journal more: Kari Lake, ” straight out of the cast of Mar-a-Lago “, cannot be lost. him” is running in a historically red state, under an unpopular Democratic president, with 8% inflation “, commemorating the everyday. ” If Kari Lake doesn’t win “Stop the Steal” [le mantra de Donald Trump] in 2022, it’s hard to see how anyone else can do it. Maybe the 2020 election is finally over “. His former Vice President Mike Pence, who has long distanced himself, has ” indicated that he would not support it during the primary. ” I think we will have better options “, he declared in an interview for the promotion of his new book, indicates New York Times.

Abortion: the law of the heart beat » answer

In Georgia, a judge on Tuesday struck down, for reasons of form, the law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. He ruled the law unconstitutional. The text reminds Axios, prohibits abortion when cardiac activity is detected in an embryo, before many women know they are pregnant. Passed in 2019, but immediately blocked, it only went into effect in July, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade.

The procedure is therefore allowed again after six weeks of pregnancy. This is a relief for the manager of several abortion clinics in Atlanta. He explained, atAtlanta Journal-Constitutionhave” reject hundreds of patients since July. He said to himself” cautiously optimistic because abortion is not protected in Georgia. The local Congress, which has a Republican majority, could reintroduce another version of the law. Not sure he can do it, nuance Atlanta Journal-Constitution. By 2019, the law was close to passing, and the Republican majority in the House had shrunk.

The first 100 days of Gustavo Petro

Finally, in Colombia, marches in support of Gustavo Petro were organized in several major cities of the country, on the occasion of his first 100 days in power. Mario, interviewed by Cali newspaper, El Paísexplains that there has been relatively little progress on left-wing campaign promises, though some have been scaled back as pointed out week. Specifically mentioned: tax reform, or its policy “ total peace “.

On Tuesday, Gustavo Petro said that until now ” more than ten armed groups have signed ceasefire agreements “. Other support marches gathered thousands of people in Bogota and Medellín, underlined El Tiempo.

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