Loïc Artiaga, historian at the University of Limoges signed “On the origins of pop culture”

On October 9 in Blois, the Augustin-Thierry 2022 Prize for the Rendez-vous de l’Histoire de Blois was awarded to Loïc Artiaga for his book Rocky, the White man’s dream of revenge.

Now known and recognized, the Limogeaud researcher who was a guest of France-Inter a few days ago, is certainly very active.

A work with four hands

With his accomplice Matthieu Letourneux, to whom he pierced the mysteries of Fantômas and its authors, he published a fascinating study of the origins of pop culture in La Découverte.

The two researchers went back to the origins of this literary phenomenon, where the Fleuve noir and Presses de la Cité editions were the flagships between 1945 and 1990. of literature. It is interesting to see what people read between 1945 and 1990. We have brought together in this study all the characters that made the success of the Fleuve noir and the Presses de la Cité, like Jean Bruce, the father of OSS117Simon…

In total, 600 characters and authors were examined,” explained Loïc Artiaga. The two authors unearthed incredible treasures.

“These writers developed their style by drawing inspiration from American codes. They took the model of the tough, unscrupulous, slangy cop. Frédéric Dard initially relied on this model then freed himself from it during the novels. It becomes a symbol of ‘Frenchness’” emphasizes Loïc Artiaga. In the field of popular literature, France is an authority. Simenon, Gérard de Villiers among others exported and sold thousands of copies.

former partners

“Triquard”, many of these authors are former collaborators. They use a pseudonym to avoid being seen.

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Not only did they fly under the radar, but they shaped what would become the mass culture of the seventies. Their works, admittedly marginal, nevertheless feed cinema, literature and television.

Important media group

Fleuve Noir and the Presses de la Cité are the most important media groups after Hachette. Moreover, editors negotiate with authors to do brand placement. In return, they get valuable gifts that are redistributed.

“It is a material culture. The arrival of the counter-culture would give an old look to this literature that would die out at the beginning of the 1990s.

Jean-Francois Julien

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