Top 11 ugliest World Cup jerseys, eye-sore

The World Cup, for brands, is an unmissable event to celebrate togetherness, fraternity, joy, toussatoussa. Good thing in Qatar it works normally. And then, most of all it’s an opportunity to sell a lot of jerseys. tree Even the worst.

South Korea – Far away

We’ve all done paint tests to figure out what will look good on the back wall (the non-load bearing one, according to my dad). But why keep these tests to put them on a football shirt? The advantage in South Korea is that we should not have the chance to see this jersey for a long time on the pitch. (For the wall, I recommend blue, yellow will make us tired).

Netherlands – Home

Visually, it’s ugly: it looks like the top of your great aunt’s old sofa. But we can’t imagine what it can give to the touch. For us, we are clearly in “pilou – muppet skin”, in any case it deserves the mix of “color and graphics”. Well done Nike, great job.

Japan – Home

Bernard, what can we do for the Japan shirt? Something changing that you see?

So maybe you will tell me that I did anything, but I thought about it (it shows). You see it is unorganized and at the same time very organized. Blue, but not really, we pay tribute to origami and…

Get your things and go home Bernard

It’s a shame if you’re like that

Switzerland / Ghana / Senegal / Serbia / Uruguay – Away

Great idea from Puma using the same technique for many countries for the “away” jersey: a big empty sign in the middle of the jersey. Once a post-it (Switzerland), something to announce promotions (Serbia). Ideal for Internet transfers in case of premature removal.

Qatar – Far away

A white jersey for a team built from scratch for several years and with “some” naturalization. Graphics that “reminiscent of the desert” as the equipment manufacturer puts it. The desert where we built air-conditioned stadiums in conditions denounced by many NGOs. There is no doubt that the desert will also be reminded of the respect for human rights in the country. Smart.

Mexico – Far away

Be careful, don’t make a mistake. Great respect for Quetzalcoatl, one of the most important Aztec gods (of life, light, civilization, fertility, it does a lot to him) better known as the “Feathered Serpent”. But more of a doily than a shirt then?

Cameroon – Far away

Cameroon have always been used to innovating in terms of jerseys. certainly But there it is guys… In a fight with Le Coq Sportif, the Cameroonian federation signed One All Sports, a brand better known for motor sports than football. There may be a reason for that. Good luck anyway.

Saudi Arabia – Far

What could be better when you plan to go unnoticed during the World Cup than to choose a graphic that perfectly matches the pitch? Nothing. Good. Say hello to us with your hands so we can see you a little.

Germany – Far away

We often have trouble connecting the words “fashion” and “Germany”. When you see this away shirt, it’s easy to understand why. And since the Manschaft often goes to the competition, we can see this jersey on a pitch. Impossible.

Belgium – Home

We like our Belgian friends, always there to lose a game when needed, our sureties. But from there to put fire in the sleeves to believe that you are hot, in fact, it can be seen…

England – Home

All World Cups, you make us believe you will win because you confuse your championship and your national team (reminder: no, Haaland is not English), and all World Cups you eat like old people’s flans and we say. nothing. But guys, this disgusting gradient on your shoulders… Just because you left Europe doesn’t mean you have the right to do anything, we still see you.

(Bonus) France – Away

Honestly, we don’t really know what to think about it. It is sober in whites, but with small drawings / landscapes reminiscent of France, finally the France of toile de Jouy, steeples, roosters, carts… Sometimes we like it, sometimes we hate it. It’s your choice.

And also “Brazil Away” with an animal stain on the sleeve to remind all the animals that Bolsonaro exterminated in the Amazon, “Portugal Home” with his failed Monaco jersey, “Spain away” with its ugly reminder of 1982 , the “USA outside” and the wonderful mix of blue and black, two colors that go very well together (it’s known)…

Sources: the team, and Footpack

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