Boxing: release time for Arsen Goulamirian

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Three years after his last fight to defend his title, Toulouse boxer Arsen Goulamirian defended his WBA light-heavyweight belt on Saturday night in Cannet-Rocheville against Russian Aleksei Egorov.

Believe that he is ready to get in the middle of things like never before, on Saturday night, in the ring of Cannet-Rocheville in front of the cameras of Canal +. Arsen Goulamirian, holder of the WBA world light-heavyweight belt, will finally get his title back after three years of delays, postponements, cancellations… At the age of 35, the Toulouse boxer can no longer continue preparing and no longer fight. due to the Covid crisis, opponents turning away or falling (imprisonment, injury, etc.) which forced him to spend three years unable to defend his World WBA crown which he successfully fought for the last time on… December 28 , 2019!
The time, a lot of time, given by the boxer from Toulouse (26 fights, 26 victories with 18 before the limit) of the preparation periods in his Spanish nest in the Sierra Nevada was lost. So don’t worry about his form, Arsen Goulamirian will be sharp, tonight, in the ring, against the Russian Aleksei Egorov (11 fights, 11 victories including 7 before the limit) for this meeting he is waiting like the messiah. “I so want to fight”, he told us at the beginning of the week that we suspect this meeting will be like a release for the former protégé of Abel Sanchez, who is now trained by Briton Don Charles.

“I’m not the type to rush”

Arsen Goulamirian is ready to fight. This boxer with an iron mind is able to absorb long periods of inactivity without getting covered. Even though with every postponement of the fight, with every setback, he had to capitalize on all his efforts reduced to nothing, he showed himself with great determination against his challenger Aleksei Egorov with serious arguments that presented and we have to be careful. “He is fighting in a series of 3-4 punches, a bit like a beginner so I have to counter him, be effective in the first two punches”, warned the champion in Toulouse who is not used to over-analyzing opponents’ fights: “I really don’t like that. I often watch my opponent’s last fight, that’s all. »
The other question on Saturday night, at the time of the launch of the fight: will Arsen Goulamirian control his overwhelming desire to box in the first rounds, will he control his overflow of energy or will he throw himself like a hungry man to Egorov? The defending champion wants to be reassuring: “Don’t worry, you know me, I’m not the type to rush. »
It is true that with his experience and experience, he who has successfully defended his WBA light-heavyweight belt four times, Arsen Goulamirian has experience in the main events. His time under the leadership of Abel Sanchez has undoubtedly taken him to another level in the way he prepares his fights, but also in leading them tactically. Now encouraged by Don Charles, trainer based in London and also taking care of English heavyweight Derek Chisora, we will see on Saturday night if this first partnership will be beneficial for Arsen Goulamirian.

Sofiane Oumiha wants to continue

Another Toulousain, and no less, is on the poster for the Cannet meeting on Saturday night: Sofiane Oumiha, the double amateur world champion and Olympic medalist, who was launched today among the professionals.

Sofiane Oumiha prepares for her fight in Italy and in her Toulouse Boxoum room.

He will make his third fight with the pros against Colombian Victor Julio whose record (22 fights, 16 wins, 6 losses) might suggest that the Carepa native is a tough opponent. But on closer inspection, we realize that Victor Julio has lost his last six fights, all contested in Europe, after having chained victories in Colombia alone.
Everything leads us to believe that Sofiane Oumiha seems to have enough margin to score another victory, without overconfidence. “You always have to remain vigilant, in boxing, the pace is fast. Above all, it should not be underestimated,” warned Toulousain who arrived perfectly prepared for this fight scheduled for eight rounds.

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