Sport: he finished 3rd in the French rallycross championship

During the race at Lohéac (35), Jean-Mickael Guérin’s car in front. ©Rallycross France

This year, Jean-Mickael Guérin, from Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, took part in the French rallycross championship that took place between April and October.

He competes in the division 4 category with a Peugeot 206 RC (about 245 horsepower).

The discipline has 6: supercars, super1600, division 3, division 4, juniors and women.

The competition will return next year, at the end of April-beginning of May.

Jean-Michael Guerin
Jean-Michael Guerin. ©Carole LATOUCHE

How was the French championship?

There are 8 events between April and October on weekends: the first in Lessay (50) at the end of April-beginning of May, then Faleyras (33) at the end of May, Châteauroux (36) in June, Touraine – Pont de Ruan (37) early July, Kerlabo (22) late July, Lohéac (35) early September, Mayenne (53) late September and Dreux (28) mid-October.

In 8 events, I reached the podium 3 times and was in the final 6 times.

To participate in the championship, a license is required. Together with my father and my uncle, we created our association “Team Guérin” 10 years ago. By combining, we have a license, which allows us to participate in the championship. It’s family fun but we’re here for the competition.

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Jean-Mickael Guérin on the podium at Pont de Ruan (37) where he finished in 2nd place.
Jean-Mickael Guérin on the podium at Pont de Ruan (37) where he finished in 2nd place. ©Rallycross France

how was the weekend

Practice is Saturday morning. The pilots discovered the track, made several laps. This is when the final adjustments to the car are made. On Saturday afternoon, there are the first 2 qualifying heats and on Sunday morning the last 2.

In the afternoon, the semi-finals and finals of the 6 championship categories will take place. The top 16 will go to the semi-finals. The first 4 in the 2 semi-finals will go to the final.

In one weekend, it is possible to reach up to 41 points.

In division 4, approximately twenty participants compete over a weekend on a one kilometer track. In total, 120 drivers from 6 categories compete in the championship weekend.

In the final general classification of 8 championship events you finished 3rd.

It’s teamwork. My uncle and some friends built the stand. My father is a mechanic. With my friends, they take care of the mechanics and I drive.

How long have you been racing rallycross?

I started rallycross when I was 16-17. I’m on the promo formula, which allows you to unearth new motorsport stars. In 2016, I moved to Division 4. I watch car races on TV with my father.

As soon as I was old enough to compete, my father told me: “Next year we will”. At first I thought it was a joke but it wasn’t.

Are you participating in the championship as a beginner or professional?

I compete there as a beginner. It is a passion. At the same time, I was working in a refrigerated truck manufacturing plant.

In winter, there is no competition. Do you rallycross?

My father dismantles the car to fix it. I do a session on a circuit if we have time. Otherwise, we will go unexpectedly to the championship.

Do you want to participate in the European Championship?

I would like to join but the budget is big, you have to change the car. It’s a dream that will wait.

The dangers of competition

Shocks in competitions can happen. “The cars took it. We were also pilots. I was very shocked at Mayenne. The right front of my car was damaged. It took three hours to fix it. Psychologically, it was difficult. On Sunday, I couldn’t move my head I. This is the cruel law of the sport. Last year, following a competition, he broke his right wrist.

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