Women’s European Championship. The third place to look for Blue

Defeated by the Norwegians everywhere, Friday night in the half, the French wanted to leave the Slovenian capital with a bronze medal. They need to get the best of the Montenegrins this Sunday afternoon.

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Lthe dry elimination in the semi-finals of the European Championship by Norway (28-20) should put the French team back on the path to the Paris-2024 Olympic Games, twenty months before the deadline. The journey starts this Sunday (5:45 pm), in Slovenia, opposite Montenegro.

After thirteen days of flawless course, the impression of superiority given by Olivier Krumbholz’s protégés was broken again in the fjord, as in the final of Euro-2020 and World Cup-2021. Although he was hoping for a “nice reaction”the coach, who watched the slap on the night of Friday to Saturday, does not include the thesis of the accident, like his executives. “There is a lot of work collectively and individually, until the Olympic Games, our targetthe technician is recognized. From the World (last year’s spanish), anyway, I told the players that I thought that the Norwegians were back in front of us, that this balance of power should be reversed. »

Often clumsy with their all-too-rare ball running against their rivals, Les Bleues struggled in attack, a sector where the difference in level between them and the trio of rears Oftedal – Mork was evident. – Reistad.

“We needed six attacks to score. I’m exaggerating but that’s my feeling from the bench. Beatrice Edwige

“This is a wake-up call.acknowledges the pivot Béatrice Edwige. They need two attacks to score. We need six. I’m exaggerating but that’s my feeling from the bench. » The absence of Méline Nocandy, who seriously injured a knee in October, weighed heavily as she shared the center half role with Grace Zaadi. But the Scandinavians are also not complete in attack because they lack a key piece: the pivot Kari Brattset, best player in the planetary competition last year, who became a mother at the beginning of the month.

“It is often said that you learn more from defeat than from victory. For once, we are in the right place. It is not a setback by not getting the final goal. This match was very instructive”supporting Captain Estelle Nze Minko. “The attack weighed heavily on our minds and ended up hurting our defense as well”commented Krumbholz, who was also concerned about the physical difference. “There is no picture
. In this sense, the game against Montenegro is very important. If we are still struggling on the physical level, that means we will not hold a full event and we have to draw all the consequences. »

This meeting for the bronze medal is heavy on the stakes, France having collected seven charms in their last eight tournaments. To fail this year, in the absence of Russia, would be bad manners.

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