ECE: the engineering school that offers you a year-round return to school

Ranked in the top 10 of the best French engineering schools*, ECE stands out especially for its “offbeat start”. To all those who have gone astray, welcome to the second chance school, which guarantees your fulfillment and success.

With four campuses located in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and soon Rennes, ECE has become, over the years, an excellent engineering school whose reputation is second to none. Connected to the world around it and keen to renew its programs according to technological developments and the current expectations of companies in the sector, ECE is a school in tune with the times, training engineers of tomorrow and puts students at the center of education.

In fact, in addition to being able to personalize their course according to their abilities and the specialties available, ECE offers a staggered start of the academic year through two courses: the accelerated Prepa , called Prepac Engineer, and the Spring Bachelor. The goal? Accelerated training so that students can join the school’s main programs – the Grande École Program or the Bachelor Program – without wasting a year. A golden opportunity for those who have gone astray and wish to join ECE along the way. How does this work? We explain to you in detail.

At ECE, you can go home whenever you want

Just imagine: you have started studies that do not suit you and you want to continue on another course without waiting for the next school year. What to do ? Check out ECE, which welcomes you in March 2023, in the middle of the year! In other words, with ECE and its daring concept of “offset start”, you can reorient yourself, benefit from accelerated courses and thus include the Grande École course or the Bachelor course, after six months.

Within the Engineer Prepac and the Spring Bachelor, you will then benefit from condensed courses. In one semester, you will do what normally takes two. Too much work? Definitely not. Thanks to tailored support, dedicated teachers and a quality study policy, you will develop the knowledge and skills needed to upgrade and continue your ECE studies. Not to mention that the staggered back-to-school concept gives wings: having the chance to start from scratch is motivating, and the faster you progress, the more you want to… progress.

Two sectors, you need

Engineering appeals to you and the offbeat back-to-school appeals to you? You can choose to join the Prépac Ingénieur or the Spring Bachelor. How to make your choice?

If you are interested in life sciences, material sciences, health, paramedical, electronics, automation, energy, electricity, mechanics, aeronautics, automotive, Earth Sciences, but also digital, IT and multimedia, come to Prepac Engineer. In six months, you will consolidate your knowledge to enter the second year of the preparatory phase as part of the Grande École Program or eventually aim for the MSc program, in case you decide to specialize (in cybersecurity, in artificial intelligence , in the field of future energies, etc.).

If, however, electronics and automatics do not speak much to you while you are interested in discovering industrial technologies, then the Spring Bachelor is calling for you: this course will allow you to catch up in one semester at the level of the first year of the Bachelor, to join the Bachelor program, and become, in three years, an engineering specialist.

Who is it for, the staggered start to the school year?

The staggered start of the school year is aimed at students between 17 and 19 years old, who are in bac +1 and want to reorient themselves.

More specifically, Prepac Engineer accepts students in PASS, L.AS, CPGE 1st year or scientific L1 courses. These streams give them the background that the accelerated preparation for ECE will be combined for access to in the second year; 94% of students are accepted.

The Spring Bachelor accepts students in the course of their studies (bac +1) after the general baccalaureate spé Maths, an STI2D, STMG or STAV technological baccalaureate or a professional baccalaureate in electricity and its connected environments (MELEC ) or Digital Systems (SN) or any other foreign scientific or technological training.

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