it was also a great success on PS5 and Xbox S

The last work signed by Benoît Sokal, Syberia The World Before allowed the series to return to its beauty of the past when it was released in March on PC. After months of hard work, the developers at Microids Studio Paris are finally bringing the PS5 and Xbox Series versions to us, before the end of the year festival. The chance to find Kate Walker, but especially Dana Rose, the new star who left her indelible mark on the adventure. It remains to be seen now if the porting is done according to the rules of the art. Spoiler alert: it does.

In The World Before, Microids made every effort not to repeat the mistakes made in 2017 with Syberia 3, which was quickly released on three media at once: PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Full of bugs and control problems, the game suffered from the plaster of an unfinished development. To restore the image of its most prestigious license, Microids has taken things up a notch this time around. First of all, a PC release polished with small onions (with a three-month delay to get it right), a port to PS5 and Xbox Series at the end of the year, and a release scheduled for 2023 ( without further details) for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions. Microids takes time, even if it means asking its community to be patient, but that’s also the price to pay when trying to achieve a certain level of quality. An expensive choice for Microids but pays off in the end, as these PS5 and Xbox Series editions are the exact replica of the PC game released eight months ago.

Syberia: The World Before

Visually, the game is just as successful, especially with its excellent artistic direction, supported by the beauty of its landscapes. Be it the snowy landscape, the mines of Syberia, these forests pierced by beautiful light, or in a more urban environment, Syberia The World Before surprised us more than once, sometimes to stopping point to observe the beautiful surroundings. A beautiful rendering supported by its history that alternates between two different periods (past and present), where the European architecture of the cities and the hint of the steampunk atmosphere cause a certain fascination, it must accept Sure Syberia is moving away from its usual fantastical side for a more realistic universe, but change is clearly not missing. The characters, very correct as a whole, however lack flexibility in their movements, which are sometimes too fixed positions, especially among NPCs. Obviously, they are not required to go about their business as in an open world, but offering them some entertainment is not a luxury either. It is true, however, that some characters are very lacking in emotion in terms of their facial expressions, again too tough for a game in 2022. Nothing too dramatic most of the time, but in the sequences where surprise, anger and emotion must be shown through on the screen, it can swear loudly.

Syberia: The World Before

When it comes to consoles, Syberia The World Before clearly has to face the test of controls and it is clear that the result is convincing.

Syberia: The World BeforeWhen it comes to consoles, Syberia The World Before clearly has to face the test of controls and it is clear that the result is convincing. Well, we’re not going to do it for you the other way around, the game is already compatible with a PC controller and we find both controls better suited to a controller than a keyboard-mouse duo. In fact, in a series that has evolved in its approach, because it is no longer an old-fashioned point and click, but a mix in an adventure game where you can fully control – and as we see fit – his character, using an analog stick is more efficient and fun than pointing directions with a mouse. Of course, there is no free camera, but the right stick allows you to move the angle of view to the side, to have a good overview of the whole. For others, the game takes the system of fixed cameras and changing view angles imposed as happened in the first Resident Evil. For the exploration part where it is necessary to find decorative elements interactive with your character, the cursor moves quite quickly, you just need to take the time to scan all the interactive areas so as not to miss anything hints left by the game Obviously, this is more pleasant with the mouse, but it is very easy to do with the joystick. As for the rest, we refer you to our test of the PC version, the game is identical in all respects, except for some slight frame-rate drops detected at some times in the game, especially in scenes where the coins are struck. – beautiful – almost of light. Again, not enough to alert all of Twitter to create a whole drama.

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