Organize your best parties at Kingdom Limousines

You dream of a party like in the movies, beautiful cars, champagne in the limo and chauffeurs in costumes. You can make your dream come true with Kingdom Limousines, based in Nice, France. Accustomed to a celebrity clientele and political personalities, the company can meet all your expectations in terms of luxury transportation.

Impeccable service

This is the hallmark of Kingdom Limousines. The company’s drivers cruise the entire French Riviera to take you to the most exclusive places.


Your carrier’s first guarantee is to ensure unfailing punctuality. They will be at your door on time and you arrive at your party at the desired time. You can also pay for the services of a driver by the hour if you have several appointments on the same day or night.

By planning your trip in advance, you ensure that you are on time for all of your appointments and the entire group of Kingdom Limousines is at your service to deliver you safely.

Go down to the entrance

The most complicated thing when you need to go somewhere else is to park. You always have to search places for 30 minutes, before maneuvering 15 times, then walk 3 km and take 3 buses to get there. With Kingdom Limousines, no more nightmares of parking spaces. You are dropped off at the entrance of the building and your driver takes care of finding a parking space while you enjoy your appointment.

Then there is no classier than get off at the entranceyou can treat yourself to a car ride like the stars that stepped down the red carpet.

Prestigious parties

Kingdom Limousines welcomes a client on the Côte d’Azur who has seen the biggest parade of stars, especially in Cannes festival, just next to Nice. From transporting bands to transporting between airports and hotels, the company knows how to treat customers with the utmost respect. And, above all, carefully if necessary.

Trained drivers

Your drivers are trained to offer you impeccable service. If you want to go incognito, they will take you down unseen. If, on the contrary, you want the party starts the moment you get in the car, the company takes care of building a happy environment for you. Party, drinks, aperitifs will be available with music that will set you in the mood even before arriving on site.

Something that wakes up those who start to fall asleep just as the night begins. You can consider yourself the American dream and reenact the famous chauffeured car scenes with champagne which can be seen in any New York series. But, with the added bonus of the Mediterranean landscape.

The choice of vehicle

Finally, to perfect the service, you will have the choice of vehicle. You want a limo or a Rolls-Royce. Or, you can have more room in a minivan or sprinter. For more discretion, you have a choice between sedans and luxury sedans. Or, you go out like FBI agents and get into a black SUV with tinted windows.

Regardless of the number of your guests and your wealth, you will find the vehicle(s) of your choice. It’s enough to make your nights memorable and such a smooth transportation service can only predict a good night. Plus, you don’t need to pick a party captain because your driver will stay sober all night. Perfect for big parties with friends, at the disco or for New Years. Or for weddings, it will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, Kingdom Limousines also offers its services at some airports, for trade fairs or to take you to the cruise departure port. The company really emphasizes on impeccable quality of transportation. Because every adventure starts with a great ride, Kingdom Limousines promises you a wonderful night and day aboard its vehicles with a private driver.

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