“You’re not Kylian, you’re the chosen one”… Could Mbappé be the most exciting bad guy in football?

From our special emissary from the Death Star,

A good half day to (re)read the best pleas of Acquitator Dupont-Moretti in addition to those of Jacques Vergés to give yourself courage. That’s what it takes to defend the indefensible. The design even claims a nobler ambition: to celebrate the indefensible in all its splendor. Five years we sold the same salads to the little boy from Bondy raised as a communication of loving and balanced parents, ready to mark his imprint as a bright despot in world football, Zidane and Pelé at the same time , and even a little. Martin Luther King for the model of society. Truce of quackery: We come to the root of the ideal son-in-law, which the crackito of 93 understood before everyone else.

Between Anakin Skywalker and Walter White

Kyky knows how it works: the world needs new beautiful villains, caricature divisions, Sandrine Rousseaux against Gérald Darmanaux. So, with the help of an entourage more talkative than a one-eyed magpie, Mbappé offered us on a golden platter the rivalry of the next ten years: The miner from Mölde, simple and careful, obsessed only with the number of the fathers of the Stoke City families to shame next weekend, against rattlesnake de Bondy, aka Anakylian Swywalker, specializes in rants and dirty tricks of all kinds.

The comparison is very appealing to Aurélien Vives, Jedi specialist and superhero in a famous publishing house, who plays the game intensively: “Anakin is in Attack of the Clones that he takes the boulard. There’s a bit of a ‘stop judging me’, ‘let me do it’ side, and where it’s quite similar to Mbappé is that they’re both hyper aware of their talent. Parallel works great.

For ignoramuses of folklore Star Wars : Anakin is the cute kid with the wick in his eyes who becomes a bit boring as a teenager before falling for Natalie Portman, clean and tidy in her merengue outfit. There we say to ourselves: “Well, he will sign for Real Madrid and become the new idol of children all over the world”, and then no, the man prefers to take the black ball, towards the darkness with the unclean. Palpatine.

Anakin was the son of the prophecy, Mbappé was the little genius who invested in noble causes, in things like that, to reflect on his influence on the youth. There was a desire to restore a good image that made us believe that he would rehabilitate the figure of the hyper star footballer. But seeing him laughing on the sand yacht, for example, as someone with a strong ecological sensibility, I felt Obi Wan face Anakin: ”You are the chosen one”. I said to myself ” no, you are not Kylian, you are the chosen one! ””.

“He became tougher as an adult”

Failure is cruel, but has the point of no return been reached? You know, that moment when the first hero develops such a dark personality that all traces of empathy are lost forever. Like Walter White when he decided he wasn’t worth saving his partner’s girlfriend, fans breaking Bad. All things considered – we see you coming.

We launch François Jost, author of the book The New Villains in the American series (Bayard, 2015). “I was fascinated by Mbappé when I discovered him, and I still am! He is not the usual football player, he is a philosophy student who gave to a good cause. Then, he became an adult , a tougher adult. At the beginning of breaking Bad, Walter is also nice. He has incurable cancer, he just kills to avoid being denounced. But this is a founding act. From a moment, he only thought about its consequences. He will kill just to avoid the competition, let us turn to evil, the abomination”.

Applied to the case of Mbappé? The founding act is easy to find: the LFP Oscars ceremony in 2019, when the child requests without warning “more responsibility”, under penalty of going elsewhere. Since then, it’s been the constant progression, until the almost satisfying rush of the final days, leaving so many possibilities for exciting achievements to surpass all the greatest villains in cinema, literature, sport, what you like. Do not hesitate to choose our best proposal:

It still takes our franchouillard ego hoping that the little Mbappé we love (yes, yes) will become the most hated star of the next decade. After all, Kylian is a bit like France, and if we want to pass for big pretentious people in other countries, it’s to better show our little fragile artichoke hearts.

Regarding Mbappé, there is still time to lead, Aurelien Vives assured: “My son like Kylian, this is the end of youth. He goes from adolescence, where we can give him the benefit of the doubt, forgive some slippages, to an age when the benefit of the doubt begins to disappear… The lesson of Star Wars is that the dark side is not a one-way street. Vader emerges from it to reconnect with his son. Perhaps by listening to the well-advised members of his entourage…”.

Is redemption still possible?

“A villain is not a monolith,” adds François Just. He has several masks, his work, his private life, the values ​​he defends. One may collide with the other. Mbappé may be a sensitive soul in his private life, a good man, but his professional logic makes him evil. How to get out? In breaking BadJesse [l’associé] giving all his money to the poor, he feels he has redeemed himself”. Returning the money from the new contract signed at PSG to get rid of it, that would have the smell of redemption.

It is not known if the player’s clan is ready to go that far. We were just surprised, reading our colleagues from Parisian, that Kylian Mbappé plans to snub next Monday’s Ballon d’Or ceremony if he is not on the podium, although he has not yet ten boundaries to congratulate his friend and team-mate from France Karim Benzema . In the large category of French football villains who have fought for a big pardon, the Real striker looks like a unique inspiration, however.

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