Lego Marvel: The 3 best promotional games to offer for Christmas

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Roundup of the best Lego Marvel games to gift for Christmas

Superheroes invade your Christmas. Make your child a holiday dream with this selection of Lego Marvel games.

1. Fall for this Lego Marvel figurine My name is Groot for less than €45 on Amazon

Your child is playing quietly in his room when a sentence calls out to him. He says a sentence that your child knows heart, “My name is Groot”. He turned around and, magic, the cutest character in the universe was there. But he is in pieces. It’s up to your child to bring him to life with the Lego Marvel My Name is Groot minifigure. Good news for you, this kit is on sale on Amazon in time for Christmas. It is actually shown at €44.99 instead of €59.99. A 10% discount is available. Saving more than €15 on a Lego product doesn’t happen every day.

Bring Groot to life with this Lego Marvel My Name is Groot minifigure

Buy the Lego Marvel I’m Groot Minifigure at Amazon for £44.99

To help, baby Groot, your child will have to be patient. His body was actually dislocated into 476 pieces. But upon arrival, a larger-than-life character awaits him. Many details have been made to give the impression of being in the presence of the real Groot! Her arms and legs are also articulated so she can strike some poses and dance until the end of the night.

To accompany him, the cassette of his favorite song, maxi version, is of course on his side. Nothing gives him energy like that. A descriptive plaque is also included so collectors can display it in their homes. So don’t wait any longer, your child needs a baby!

2. A thousand adventures await your child with this Lego Marvel Thor’s Drakkar game for less than €43

Thor needs your son’s help right away. A mission of utmost importance awaits him and he needs the best possible team. So naturally he appeals to your little one. He will ride on December 25 aboard Thor Lego Marvel’s Drakkar. A very good boat currently for sale on Amazon. Not €59.99 but €42.90 you have to pay to become its proud owner. Don’t miss this great 28% promo! A product like this for less than €45 is an opportunity not to be missed.

Your child will set sail on new adventures with Thor Lego Marvel’s Drakkar

Buy Lego Marvel Thor’s Longship on Amazon for €42.90

Your child has boarded a pretty special longship. It was actually pulled by two famous legendary goats Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. Unusual as a drawback! On board, the mythical superheroes Thor must be accompanied by his helmet, Mighty Thor, Valkyrie, Korg and Gorr. They are all ready for battle! Indeed they are equipped with many weapons including Thor’s Stormbreaker axe. The boat is the perfect place to welcome a host of heroes. Its roof opens to reveal a beautiful hiding place! Let the adventure begin!

3. Get the Penguin with the Lego DC Batman Batmobile at 23% off

A car rushes into your child’s room. Its black, ultra futuristic design. A masked figure appeared. He is the only Batman. He must find the Penguin and deliver him to the authorities on his way to prison. But his car broke down. It’s up to your child to sort it out with this Lego DC Batman Batmobile Penguin Chase playset. Fortunately, the kit is also on sale on Amazon in time for Christmas. It is actually shown at a price of 22.99 € against 29.99 € at the beginning. A huge reduction of 23% that should not be missed under any circumstances. Under $23 for a Lego Batman toy is a steal.

Your child must fix the batmobile to catch the Penguin with this Lego DC Batman Batmobile Penguin Chase playset

Buy the Lego DC Batman Batmobile Chase the Penguin set for £22.99 at Amazon

In the middle of talking to your child, a car speeds by. And this is none other than the famous villain. No more time to waste, everyone in the car! To get in, you open the windshield or the roof and you’re done. Once inside, the chase began. But the Penguin is far away. So, to catch up, a turbo is needed. Blue flames shoot from the sides of the vehicle for super speed.

Returning to the villain’s height, the Batmobile pulls out all the stops. It’s up to your child to press the hood to launch giant missiles in the direction of the enemy vehicle. Bingo, hit the car. Penguin lost control. All you have to do is take it and wait for the police to arrive. A mission well executed.

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