Waterjump project at Lake Thésauque: controversy continues despite work starting

The construction site linked to the creation of a Waterjump in Lake Thésauque started on Monday 21 November. The first step is laying the foundations of the future structure. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of Midi Lauragais)

It will be necessary to wait six years before seeing mechanical shovels in action around the Thésauque lakethis stretch of water that crosses the towns of Montgeard and Nailloux, in Lauragais. It should say that the file is linked to water jumping project Since 2016, it has been experiencing ups and downs.

But there is the favorable opinion of the Administrative Court of Toulouse, in February 2021, nothing seems to have delayed the work associated with this operation. Although the mobilizations of Sunday November 6 and 27 brought by two associations campaigning for the preservation of the site, The surroundings of Lake Thésauque and Friends of Lake Thésauque.

Foundations for future Waterjump

Since Monday, November 21, the construction machinery has therefore been working. The purpose of this work? Prepare the ground to host Waterjump next summer.

The cold comes in and will allow the actions of cleaning the banks and especially the fight against the water primrose. The Waterjump site, which has been patient for a long time, is taking this opportunity to start building its foundations, dry, after the installation of a cofferdam (dam intended for temporary water retention, editor’s note) , thus preserving the water environment. .

Nicholas PrudhommeThe project leader

A project “from another time”…

But these first blows of the diggers were not unanimous. “It’s a real mud, describes one of the representatives of the association Les Amis du lac de la Thésauque. Trees and plants are gradually disappearing, we find ourselves with a large hole in the area of ​​trees that suggests the magnitude of this project that is from another time! »

however, Nicholas Prudhomme is said to “minimize the footprint of future construction to minimize impact on nature”.

If it is subsidized for the change of tourism, it is because the Waterjump, the only building that will be built, will house all the functions of the leisure center, he defends himself. The changing rooms, lockers, toilets and first aid station, as well as the ticket office, equipment and storage rooms for leisure activities are in this building, whose roof terraces will allow yours to jump through fifteen slides. The footprint is minimized to reduce the impact on nature.

… has been downgraded

Above all, the project in question is now benefiting all permissions needed for its development – that of the State, but also of the court.

What we find difficult to imagine is that this project, which was proven in 2017, has not been reviewed today. We understand that the lake has a tourist vocation, but this type of activity does not fit all the environment of the site. It is a quiet lake, usually, but with this type of project, we can expect disruptions to existing activities, especially fishing. The world has changed, the environmental context is no longer the same!

Friends of Lake Thésauque

However, the project was re-examined. And turned around. BMX, skate and ski activities that were initially planned were abandoned, only buoys and bodyboards with seven springboards will remain. “It’s more of a family adaptation,” said Nicolas Prudhomme. The project was able to evolve to take into account the comments. The number of slides is divided and the only construction is only about 35 meters of bank. The freed up space will make it possible for the aquapark to be further away from the houses on the other side. »

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The aquapark and its equipment will be concentrated in one building.
The aquapark and its equipment will be concentrated in one building. (©Cabinet architectures Delhomme / Claveau de Lima)

More transparent communication

In fact, what mainly led to the new mobilization of associations around the lake of Thésauque is water level drop of two meters, announced at the end of October by the community of communes Terres du Lauragais. A procedure validated by the Departmental Directorate of Territories (DDT) aimed at allowing work in banks, but also the launch of the Waterjump site.

“Decisions were taken and announced through a communication on the Terres du Lauragais site, but many things lack transparency, questions remain unanswered”, regrets the association Les Amis du lac de la Thésauque. Then continue:

The fact that we can drain the lake in this way, after a period of drought as we know it, amazes us. We are also surprised and saddened by the lack of response from the intercommunity that we asked for clearer communication, with all the inhabitants in the form of a public meeting.

An unwavering determination

The two associations say they want to “demonstrate their determination to move the lines” by continuing to demand local elected officials. “After the support of the mayor of Nailloux, Lison Glazesand its municipal council, we received a letter from George Meric (while he is still president of the council of the department of Haute-Garonne, editor’s note) standing against the Waterjump project. »

There was a lot of action not to discourage the head of the project, Nicolas Prudhomme. “My husband and I have been fighting for six years to ensure that Lake Thésauque remains a public space, a place of sharing. And it is because we are far from being motivated by money that the incessant and baseless attacks by the local residents have not had the effect they had hoped for, especially our flight. All we want is to complete the work and receive a decent public reception. »

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