Harry Potter: waiting for the Hogwarts Legacy, discover the magical atmosphere of Hogwarts thanks to these titles

Game News Harry Potter: waiting for the Hogwarts Legacy, discover the magical atmosphere of Hogwarts thanks to these titles

Currently, Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games currently. And that’s understandable! In a universe as rich as that imagined by JK Rowling, we can only imagine ourselves in these magical places! For the most impatient, we will not make a list of Harry Potter games, but to evoke games that remind the atmosphere of the famous school of magic.

To immerse yourself in the world of the famous bespectacled wizard, an article has already been published on the subject. You’ll find a selection of all Harry Potter games, including LEGO games if you’re a total and unconditional fan of the legend. They may be old, but they remain classics for all those who appreciate the universe and want to treat themselves to a little wave of nostalgia. For our part, we are exploring other lands with games from different backgrounds that do not belong to the Harry Potter license. A perfect opportunity to check out some independent titles that still don’t get the recognition they deserve.

We couldn’t begin our selection better than with the excellent Spellcaster University. You manage your own university of magic there, with your rules, prices and your houses whose names, specialties, colors and emblems you choose. For example, you can decide on an entry barrier for your school by excluding, for example, the poorest to have only rich students to optimize your income. With cards, it is possible to organize your places and provide significant bonuses for your apprentices. You sort the students into your different houses, like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter, according to your own standards. Quite complete, Spellcaster University gives you the opportunity to interact with the various factions that live in the territory where you have installed your school. And for your greatest pleasure, you have the opportunity to send students through the pipe puzzle while trying to explore the evil dungeons without hindrance. It is therefore a real little Hogwarts to improve to the maximum to ensure the bright future of your students.

At its core, Two Point Campus isn’t really a game about magic schools. To be precise, it is a university campus development and management sandbox title. However, in a group of courses to be taught, the magic and its entire universe is really there! So you can create your school of witchcraft and manage the education of your young wizards in the making. The courses given are for example: the combination of potions, divination, the casting of offensive spells, the techniques of duels… In short: a nice variety of content related to the magical world and its secrets. In addition to offering elements worthy of Hogwarts that are particularly effective and pleasant, Two Point Campus is a great management game decorated with a very good 18/20 in JV.

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Let’s talk now about an independent title: Academagia: The Making of Mages. Like the games mentioned above, this is a school of magic, except that you are a simple student. You interact with students with the possibility of creating links, you can choose a magic specialty along the way, attend classes, cast spells… There’s a lot to do! It can also be said immediately: Academagia is just text, and text in English. If you are not comfortable with English and do not enjoy spending your time reading, this game is not for you. Despite everything, this title has a certain charm and immense replayability, which knows how to please players who are not concerned with the reading and language of Shakespeare.

Here, one might think that we are digressing from the topic, but this is not entirely the case. As its name suggests, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has three houses and takes place in an academy where you are a teacher. Although we don’t see the witchcraft school aspect as blatantly as in the titles mentioned above, life in the great monastery reminds us of Hogwarts. The different student houses, representing the countries that make up the territory of the game universe are named: the Jet Eagles, the Golden Deer and Sapphire Lions. The students who make them up have distinct personalities, very reminiscent of the personality-based house allocation seen by the Sorting Hat. As a good teacher, you push your students to develop their skills and get to know them better. If you missed this tactical RPG when it was released in 2019, there’s still time to play it! In JV, it’s an impressive 18/20 that graces this game.

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Let’s leave the magic academies for now to focus on potions. If you’ve ever wanted to take part in Professor Snape’s classes, Potion Craft looks like it’s for you. With graphics inspired by medieval books, this alchemy simulation game will introduce you to the joy of potion making. You yourself choose all the necessary ingredients for your magic mixtures in your little garden. You run your own shop selling your potions and experimenting with your growing knowledge. With your knowledge comes great responsibility, as you sell your concoctions to many consumers looking to improve their lives. You can trade with your customers and gain reputation, or hate, it’s up to you. In total, Potion Craft is a relaxing and addictive title that will allow you to focus on your favorite material.

What do you enjoy most about the Harry Potter universe, the spells and the battles? This is not a problem! Developed by former employees of Blizzard and Riot, you will face players in a battle where witchcraft is your only weapon. A magical battle royal, as nervous as it is fun, which is very easy to handle. Spellbreak has an artistic direction that almost makes us think of Zelda Breath of the Wild, which is a very good argument for playing it. With a wonderful sense of progress during the games and a great gameplay, you have everything to become the best battle mage.

Of course, we cannot mention all the games that fall under this theme of choice. Some very promising titles similar to the Harry Potter universe have yet to see the light of day, such as Broomstick League, a game heavily inspired by quidditch and Witchbrook, a charming magical adventure.

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