MUNIC (Euronext Growth® Paris – FR0013462231 – ALMUN)

, a specialist in on-board technology and artificial intelligence for exploiting automotive data, has been chosen, together with Hella Gutmann Solutions, by ADAC to offer motorists a first-class remote assistance service. The EKKO platform and OBD Edge Computing Dongles will feed ADAC’s Smart Connect project. Combining telematics and full remote diagnostics, Smart Connect is the first device of its kind in the industry.

ADAC, Europe’s largest automotive association and Germany’s leading roadside assistance company with 21 million members, has launched a disruptive service, called ”

Smart Connect

», based on technologies from MUNIC and Hella Gutmann Solutions. While vehicle data is considered a gold mine sought after by most players in the automotive sector, ADAC is now a pioneer, reinventing roadside assistance with innovative services such as of complete remote vehicle diagnostics, and the digitization of customer relations. For twenty years, the ADAC roadside assistance team has been using Hella Gutmann’s expertise in diagnostics to ensure that its members enjoy high mobility. However, the diagnostic case needs to be physically connected to the vehicle, by a professional.

Smart Connect, deployed in the summer of 2022 as a pilot program for 10,000 users, offers ADAC members and its staff (call center, help, etc.) a revolutionary remote assistance service that allows connecting remotely and thus performs an in-depth analysis of a vehicle through an OBD Dongle and Cloud services, to ultimately improve roadside assistance with a better experience of the user. The result of this in-depth diagnosis is sent to a Cloud platform complemented by a user interface (dashboard), both provided by MUNIC.

Smart Connect is based on MUNIC’s OBD Dongles and its on-board artificial intelligence engine as well as a suite of MUNIC software: a GDPR-compliant data processing and service platform as well as a remote diagnostics dashboard based on the EKKO studio portal of MUNIC. Based on Hella Gutmann’s macsLIVE solution, MUNIC provides ADAC with a complete environment for performing in-depth remote diagnostics.

Aaron Solomon, President and CEO of MUNIC said


“MUNIC’s Smart OBD Dongles and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Platform were selected by ADAC for their unique ability to decode and process a wide variety of vehicle data. Today, more and more service operators, integrators and more general players in the automotive industry are using these technologies to develop their business or develop new services based on this data. We are delighted with this collaboration with ADAC and Hella Gutmann, which will accelerate the emergence of new services and uses in vehicle data. »


Founded in 2002, MUNIC designs and develops technological solutions, combining Smart Dongles, capable of collecting and decoding thousands of data from vehicle vehicle sensors, and an artificial intelligence Edge Computing platform , the, which allows to analyze and value them.

The result of 20 years of R&D, MUNIC’s patented technology combines (i) high levels of electronic expertise (design and industrialization of on-board equipment with a small footprint, high energy and radio performance, high reliability in the vehicle environment, at a very competitive cost. ), (ii) vehicle data decoding capability, and (iii) an artificial intelligence Edge Computing platform ( to process such data.

Based in Villejuif (94), with offices in the United States and China, MUNIC has 60 employees, 77% of whom are engineers. The company achieved €19.3 million in revenue in 2021, up +156%, mainly in the United States and Europe. The company is labeled Innovative Company (Bpifrance).

MUNIC is listed on the Euronext Growth® Paris stock exchange (ISIN Code: FR0013462231 – Ticker: ALMUN).

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