this electric luxury car may come to Europe, with an incredible price

Cadillac has unveiled its new Celestiq, the production version of the eponymous concept unveiled in July. Based on General Motors’ Ultium platform, it will hit the market in 2024. It may arrive in Europe.

Released in 2020, the Cadillac Lyriq marked a real turning point for the American brand, until then there were more V8s than electric motors. Yes, but now, like all other manufacturers, this one must also move with the times and turn to better solutions. Especially if it wants to be marketed in Europe, while General Motors is seriously considering a return to the Old Continent.®

A high-end model

Therefore, in this context the Lyriq was born, followed last July by the Celestiq, a car concept this time that takes the form of a large sedan, announcing a production model to see the light of day a little late already. It is over now, as Cadillac has announced in a press release the final version of the show car, which retains the same name.

This one stays very close to the concept, with its futuristic lines and its refined silhouette, despite its rather large front face. Some things have changed though. such as traditional glasses are now replacing cameras. The rims are also modified, as well as the shields, but in a very subtle way. The brand does not provide details on the dimensions of the car, which seems impressive.

ride, the presentation is the same as the concept, with its dashboard featuring a large 55-inch digital panel consisting of two screens. An 11-inch is also installed in the center console while rear passengers have an 8-inch display in the console and two 12.6-inch screens each behind the seats.

As in the concept, at least 115 parts of the car were made in 3D printing, such as the center of the steering wheel or the window buttons. The premium sedan also comes with Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play and equipped with a semi-autonomous Ultra Cruise level 2 or even 3 driving system. It should roll out to the brand’s models in 2024 via a remote update.

Only one machine is in the catalog

This Cadillac Celestiq will be based on the new Ultium modular platform developed by General Motors, compatible with several two or four wheel drive configurations. It also includes an unprecedented battery developed with LG Chem, with the particularity of having a low cobalt content and featuring reduced production costs.

The version located under the floor of the electric sedan has a capacity of 111 kWh and then allows it to reach a range of 483 kilometers (probably in the EPA cycle, therefore around 550 km in the WLTP cycle). The car also features a one-pedal drive system, like that of the Nissan Leaf, among others.

Only 10 minutes are needed to recover about 125 kilometers in a direct current fast terminal, while the car can collect up to 200 kW of maximum power. The sedan is equipped with two engines with a total of 600 horsepower and 866 Nm of torque, all distributed between the four wheels. 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 3.8 seconds. It also has an adaptive pneumatic damping system for optimal comfort.

What release date?

The brand’s first car built at the Warren plant in Michigan, the Cadillac Celestiq will begin production in December 2023 and will be launched in 2024 at a price of around 300,000 dollars, or around 304,924 euros. It will also be compatible with remote OTA updates, like many other models in the market.

Each copy will be built by hand, and no more than six cars will be built on the production line at a time. It now remains to be seen if it will come to Europe, which could be possible. A few months ago, General Motors also gave us some details about its return.

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