“Celebrate Pelé in his life”, Brazilians are preparing to lose their king

From our Special Envoy in Doha,

Heading out to face the intense Doha sunshine, towards the Hotel Brazil, on Sunday, we expected to find Seleção supporters, a few words of support for Pelé and possibly a candle or two. The sort of somewhat cliché plan used in the news to describe the tributes to which a dying legend is entitled.

What was our surprise, when we arrived, to see that this projection was so far from the truth. Not a sound, not a shovel – and yet there are plenty of them in Qatar. Just a team of Brazilian journalists, sitting under an umbrella waiting to see the national team leave for the training ground. “Hello, a word on the worrying state of Pelé’s health? “Excuse me, we’re about to go live…” Decidedly.

“If Pelé leaves during the World Cup, it will be a sign from God”

A little while later, three Brazilians were shopping in the souk. An opportunity that could not be denied, especially since one of them, Edison, had the right words when it came to awakening the greatest player in history. “We are worried, very worried. It’s really sad. But if King Pelé leaves during the biggest football event in the world, in a final in Brazil for example, it could be a sign from God. The symbolism of such an opportunity would really end in canonizing the original number 10, whatever our supporter wants is a bit dark.

And then, Pelé seems to be more alive than we say. “I want to assure everyone, the Brazilian wrote in a post on the networks, described by a medical report published on Saturday that describes the state of health of the former striker as stable. I am strong, and hope and continue my treatment as always. The previous day, the Brazilian media sent him to palliative care, citing another medical report from the Albert-Einstein hospital according to which Pelé, suffering from colon cancer, will no longer respond to chemotherapy.

When in doubt, another Brazilian, Bruno Maia, a communications professional, suggests not waiting and paying tribute to him while he was alive.

“This is both an opportunity to celebrate with him his triumphant and bright passing on Earth and throughout life. It is a very difficult time, but also very beautiful. It is up to us to make sure that he receives all this love. We can celebrate Pelé by wearing his clothes, celebrating his name and his story. I will tell my children what he is, because throughout their lives, when they claim to be Brazilian, they will be recognized as people from Pelé’s country. Everyone can give their recognition and maybe some of them can be bigger, together, have an impact on society, and can reach it personally. »

Like in Doha where drones rose in the city’s black sky to design the jersey stamped with Pelé’s number 10.

The day Tite was afraid of Pelé

Tite’s words, in the conference on the eve of the match against South Korea, are those that will undoubtedly reach the old man. It should be noted, however, that it took a Danish colleague to ask the question for the coach to bring up the topic. “I should have started the interview about that,” Tite apologized. It was not the first time he was afraid to approach Pelé. “He was probably the only person I greeted when I started shaking,” he said, recalling the draw for the 2018 World Cup, which O Rei also attended. I speak from the heart, with emotion. We were both sitting. I focused and told me: “Go hug Pelé”. I stood up and was shaking. My hands are sweaty, my pulse is strong,” he smiled.

The effect of master’s aura is still the same. César Sampaio, Seleção assistant: “When I was first called up to the national team, I had the opportunity to play with Pelé. I was even more thrilled with Tite! But that was still nothing compared to the fear his departure had stirred. Bruno Maia is preparing it somehow. “Pelé should get rid of Edson (his first name), who is a fallible person like all of us, to leave only room for his legend. Edson is human, but Pelé is something special, that will remain forever. »

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