Interview: Paul Adrien Dufour, Founder of “Culture Sports”

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Do you like sports and quizzes? Good news, the young company “Culture Sports” has come up with a mobile application that will allow the French to learn more and more about their favorite theme.

To find out more about this business project, we asked some questions to Paul Adrien Dufour, Founder of Culture Sports

Sport Buzz Business: Can you tell us about Culture Sports?

Paul-Adrien Dufour: Culture Sports is the application that helps the French develop their sports culture in a fun way through quizzes and podcasts! In addition to multiplayer quizzes where you can challenge your friends or compete against strangers, we offer weekly news quizzes to allow sports fans to follow their favorite disciplines.

Podcasts exist to allow users to deepen their knowledge by discovering actors playing sports today.

SBB: How do you think you can differentiate yourself from the “sport” test offer?

PADS: Culture Sports is the first French mobile app for multi-sport quizzes, we want to highlight the majority of sports played in France and not just the TOP 5 sports!

Depending on the sport and partnership, we can track news at club level! For fans of a team, it is possible to test themselves every week on what happened in their favorite club.

And best of all… we have a reward system that allows users to win raffle tickets to try to win sports prizes: jerseys, match tickets, books, goodies…

SBB: Who is behind Culture Sports, how many of you are there, what is your background?

PADS: We are two partners who shared a desire to have a space where we could promote multiple sports without media fervor outside of major events. Before I started I was in a Parisian consulting firm on digital transformation topics. François Pasini, for his part, is self-employed and accompanies start-ups as a time-share freelance CTO.

“In the short term, our model will be based on advertising, many communication spaces are planned in the application”

SBB: Where are you in this young business project?

PADS: We will be launching the first version of our application in a few days, this version is quiz-centric with a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. The integration of podcasts into one media space is coming early next year. More than twenty sports will be available from launch, for multiplayer mode, the discovery quiz feature will allow users to immerse themselves in sports such as arm wrestling, bobsleigh or snow bike!

SBB: What is the business model of Culture Sports? How do you earn?

PADS: In the short term, our model will be based on advertising, many communication spaces are planned in the application. Advertising can also take the form of content creation partnerships around brands through quizzes or sponsored questions in our weekly quizzes. Many other methods of income diversification are being studied, but it is too early to talk about them! We will now work on our digital product and our traffic acquisition.

SBB: What turnover do you expect in 3-5 years?

PADS: In 3 years, we expect a turnover between 200 and 400,000 euros depending on the different directions that Culture Sports can take.

“Once the launch application is settled, we will aim to raise funds in the first half of 2023”

SBB: A word about your Ulule campaign, why did you launch crowdfunding and where are you? ?

PADS: Thanks for talking about it! We launched a crowdfunding campaign with a dual purpose.

The first is to help us fund the development part of the application, and complete the contribution that each of us has made. The 2nd is to have the first element to communicate the release of our application and use it as a springboard for the launch!

We have collected 60% of the amount, we have a week left, you can also discover other aspects of our project and give us help, the kitten is right there: https://fr.ulule. com/launch-of- the-culture-sports-mobile-application/

SBB: Are you looking for funds, partners, future collaborators?

PADS: Once the application launch is thawed, we will look to raise funds in the first half of 2023, to set up our cache and outline our development.

We are obviously looking for partners, initially media partners, who want to broadcast their ads to a sporting and very well segmented target. Brand partners in the world of sports who want to highlight their product and make people discover their offer through our raffle. Finally, institutional partners such as clubs, federations, event organizers to discuss together the best way for them to develop their audience, to engage with them or to publicize their events.

The question of future collaborators will come up during the orientation choices of Culture Sports in the course of 2023!

SBB: What are your main difficulties encountered at the moment in the business project?

PADS: The main difficulty we have is to engage in discussions and get attention when we have 2000 followers on Instagram and no application to show yet. If you are reading these lines and you are interested in the project, feel free to come and discuss it, we want to discuss the project and sport in general!

Paul Adrien Dufour – Founder of Culture Sports

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