When online games change the way we play

Once reserved for a few enthusiasts whose vocabulary, culture and way of life were incomprehensible to most people, video games are now a global phenomenon. Thus, the turnover of the video game industry exceeds that of cinema and music. But that, we have told you many times!

In 2020, 71% of French people said they play games occasionally, whether on smartphones, consoles or computers. The reason for this growing success? Online games, which have expanded the gaming room of die-hard video game fans to the size of the world. Now, no one has to play alone in their corner, and even better, help and tips are available on the web to get ahead of our favorite games!

Try to study this fashion that is in the process of conquering people’s daily lives like the biggest sports competition.

The video game, a medium that fits all ages

If Mario, Zelda or even Tomb Raider are monuments of the video game world that are appreciated by millions of video game fans, it is in their versatility that they have managed to conquer all hearts. In fact, video games, whether attached to major licenses or independent, can now be digitized without problems to suit new audiences decades after their initial release date.

Take for example Solitaire, this card game that was introduced in the 1990s by Microsoft and disappeared when the Windows 10 operating system was introduced, much to the chagrin of users. Well, this very simple game has no problem completing its online transformation!

eSports competitions are a direct outgrowth of online gaming (credit: Sammy-Sander/Pixabay).

And this is the great strength of video games. If developers create original licenses as well as worlds with their own codes and languages, they also have the ingenuity to adapt old games to reclaim them.

Once that’s done, porting games online becomes clear. Aside from the fact that many tasks can now be automated, online video games make it possible to play with anyone, including people on the other side of the world! So, chess lovers can now compete against anyone with an Internet connection at any time, without slowing down despite the distance.

The advantages described above are so that the gaming industry participates in the digital transformation of a large number of entertainments that were once enjoyed as a family, using dice, playing cards and so on. accessories that have become obsolete, making them both more immediate and accessible.

The online game, the sensations of the game, but better

The emergence of the Internet coincided perfectly with the rise in popularity of video games. It’s even this that has allowed the video game world to rush into spaces it wasn’t intended for.

Online casino games, for example, offer services that do not suffer from any competition compared to physical casinos. Accessibility, speed, security, everything is higher. In addition, the exclusive advantages of online games are numerous, such as the selection made by Vegas Slots Online so that you can take advantage of the best casino bonuses this year. Benefits offered to everyone and only possible on the Internet!

Who remembers the French 3on3 Freestyle of the JSUG championship?

As a logical consequence of this absorption movement, online gaming has naturally brought about a spirit of competition within the various communities of gamers. Over the years, communities have come together around several targeted titles. Then avid players decided to organize small competitions between players.

By virtue of its adaptability, video games are able to evoke as much excitement and emotion as sports, with certain simulation games such as FIFA and NBA 2K selling like hotcakes.

But beyond this simple comparison, the very practice of video games seems to have become a sport, a sport that is developing faster than all the others: eSports.

eSport as a designation

eSport is now considered a real sport. The players earn salaries worthy of the greatest athletes and the prices of the competitions flirt with the biggest international sporting events. Even better, eSport stadiums are built especially for the discipline in Asia.

The phenomenon is now on its way to becoming global. As part of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, eight disciplines will be chosen and eSports may be one of them. A true dedication to video games and online games that have come a long way in just a few decades!

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