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Friends, Hello friends,

We met today, for once, to talk about Star Wars Legion and two expansions that were released recently: The Mandalorian and his plush and IG class droid. We’ll start with Tic et Tac: Din Djarin and Grogu, and we’ll see the IGs tomorrow.

The release of shadow collective a few months ago is a godsend for this type of unit, as you can have an extension that is compatible with several factions, which is the case with Din, as Mando’ is playable by the Collective , Alliance and the empire. As for him Grogu (and it is logical) is played only by the Alliance. The Mando figurine only has one posture available and the Grogu has two available: The mouth of an angel and the demonic version where he eats a frog. I take this opportunity to make a small point on figurines in general: I’ve read here and there that 3D printing will kill the game etc. I prefer the impression that he gave the Legion a second wind. In fact, when we compare the first honest rough figurines with the new ones, there has been a nice evolution, they are now fine and have dynamic and sometimes customizable poses (without price changes , should also be noted)

The parentheses are closed, let’s move on to the method: Command costs 105 points in your army, there are the following keywords: Arsenal 2, Prime, Numb,

  • Autonomous: Aim 1 and Dodge 1: And yes double autonomy for Order, without an order token you get one of each token!
  • Tactician 1: For each Move action (free or not) you get 1 Aim token

We can see the beginning of a strategy here, and make a good dice roll with 2 Aim tokens in reserve. You will tell me, in view of the as soon as he has (Black and Red) it may be limited but let’s think of all those who have shitty karma when throwing!

Level improvement how do we “pimp” our Order?

  • Mando’s jetpack: You gain movement of 3 instead of 2, and you ignore lands that are strictly less than 3. Cost 15.
  • Din’s Flame Projector: The flamethrower what…. One use at distance 1, with blast, Restraining and Breathe. Cost 8.
  • Beskar Spear: Melee attack only (no javelin thrower in the mandos! and at the cost of the spear and more, you’d think!!!). You are the winner Duelist. Attack with 2 red dice and 1 black dice. Cost 15.
  • Amban Rifle of Din : This is a melee weapon (yes, you read that right) with Immobilize 2 and Restraining. But you can piou piou on it anyway. If you are not engaged, you get a move of 1, to an enemy in line of sight with no range limit, you get a ranged attack with 1 red die with Removal. Melee attack with 3 black dice. Cost 10.

It can also be improved into Grogu for 17 points as an Alter Ego. Thanks to him, you won the keywords:

  • Chasing : When dead (remember he only has 1 VP), he can be claimed to transform his corpse into a Victory pawn.
  • Latent Power : At the end of activation, you can restore one life point to an ally or immobilize and grant Suppression tokens to an enemy.
  • Small : If this is the only unit you see in the unit, it cannot be targeted

Let’s finish the command cards: For Command:

  • This is the way: A free dodge token plus Implacable. Cost 1
  • I like these probabilities: Gain an Aim token and a free attack action on another unit if you just attack. Cost 2.
  • Whistling birds: In row 1, choose 3 enemies, and you will have a white dice attack for each of them. Cost 3.

And Grogu has it too, a little different because it can be played at any time.

  • The hand trick: (…this card’s name, let’s skip it): If a defender has a range of 1 and is in Grogu’s line of sight. The unit gets 2 tokens Dodge and Deflection (returns to sender damage taken)

So what is this extension about. I’m a fan, and I have the impression that the unit is really cheap to compensate for the damage it can do to the opposing team. Its range is 2, but can be increased to 3 by discarding a pawn To purpose (which he almost always enjoys thanks Autonomous and Tactician). Note, however, that he has a demotivation threshold of 3 (more than half his HP), for a unit that still seems really focused on C2C actions, to see in game, but I really like it on paper.

Price: 24.99€

Waiting for the Force to be in your favor.

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