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The Nightmare Before Christmas of French Culture »

Programming sspecial

From Saturday 17 December to Sunday 1eh January
in the Culture branch of France, on the Radio France website and app

Party favors and songs faithful to the closet, French culture took his audience this end of the year on the weird sidefrom thrill and from unbelievable. At the center of this program, a Grande Traversée winter on the podcast, scholar and bloodlust, dedicated to Vlad IIII’impaler !

GOOD CROSSING Winter : Prince Dracula, a true story

A series in 5 one-hour episodes, produced by Matteo Fortyaccomplished by Anne Perez –Franchini

A podcast is available from December 20, on the Radio France website and app

This is the story of Vlad Dracula, says “Țepes“, I’impaler. This Prince of Wallachia, for that is what Romania was called in the fifteenth centurye century, is a symbol of evil. He is the real tyrant, a semibarbarian in the Renaissance century. A bloodthirsty monster on the borders of Europe with no other choice, to survive amidst rising empires and decadent kingdoms, than to sow terror. The stories made up of him describe him as a maker of martyrs. Its very name is ambiguous: It means Dracula the devil and the dragon one chance. Vlad is theimpaler remains a puzzle.

400 years after his death, Dracula took on the features of the prince of vampires under the pen of Bram Stocker. Vlad cohabits with his fictional double, face to face managed through literature and history. heros limit, object of worship and rejection, the (true) story of Prince Dracula is a crossing of the boundary of what can be tell each other, but do not agree.

Episode 1: Vlad, beyond the story
Episode 2: Between two worlds, the devil’s son
Episode 3: Theimpaler or blood diplomacy
Episode 4: Dracula, Hero Limit

Cheveryday, from December 17 to 1eh January, The grid of French Cultural programs will question the great enigmas of history, our interpretations or even the boundaries between science and fiction.

  • Adventure in the exotic, French Culture engaging in the great confusion of life (and of the death). So as not to get lost, orwill be called n Sigmund Freud (If not courage to ask Geraldine Mosna-Savoy) eyou the philosopher Susan neiman (Signs of the weather –Marc Weitzmann). Ge saidraldin Mühlmannofor him, will ask explosive in visitors ofIn philosophy : Is the weird always weird? ?
  • A hallucinated architecture, pthrowing away that screams and stories curse : France Culture pushes the doors of houses haunteds said Sarah wInchester (A special story coordinator Christine Bernard), alreadys e Pigalle (a report bySpirit of placeTewfik Referee) where scary placealreadyis reviewed by expert Stéphanie Sauget (Concordance of time – Jean-Noel Jeanneney).
  • French Culture continues its search for the unknown in search of forgotten works (a series in 10 episodes by William Marx of vsBear of the College de France), in discovering the great enigmas of history (a thematic week from History lesson Xavier Mauduit), or even traces left behindeof dead people (mummies in Lascaux cave in Carbon 14 – Vincent Charpentier).
  • The paranormal is ecarefully examined the prism of Science of CQFD through Natasha Three things: UFO, vampire, or imaginary species ; youand while thee drops will cover the show Ebe and know of Louisa Tourret.
  • To explain this amazing universe, it is necessary of artists and of authors : Charles Dickens (Welcome to the Book Club – Sebastian’s theme), Alfred Kubin and Edgar Allan Poe (Without the courage to ask – Geraldine Mosna-Savoy), Pacôme Thiellement and Daniel Goossens (Cultural activities -Arnaud Laporte), Jean-Marie Blas de Robles and Ernest de Gengenbach (Bad peopleres Francois Angelier), Enki billal (From cause to effect Aurelie Luneau) ; film makers TIMr. Burton (Big plan – Antoine Guillot) or stilland Bertrand Mandico (These days – Marie Richeux).

A LIFE : Jean-Eugene Robert Houdini or magic found

Par Federico Polo Devetorealized by Celine Terscoordination want Kien

Diffusion – Saturday 24/12 to 3 pm

Robert’s Journey Houdini in the noise of 19th century, The watchmaker, inventor of automatons and renovator of magic and prestige is remarkable, dizzying and unknown to the general public today. He was also Napoleon III’s agent in Algeria with local marabouts. Entering his universe is a journey self A underwater in a multi-faceted setting, the nineteenth century part of metaverse current.


| The mysterious disappearance of the priest of Châtenay
A documentary by Federico Polo assignrealized by so many N/A
Broadcast – Saturday 17/12 and Sunday 18/12 at 1:30 pm

In 1906, France was about to experience a major historical change: in December the law on the Separation of Church and State went into effect and made the country a secular state. In this context, the incredible loss of a small priest The village of Eure-et-Loir would crystallize the tensions between clericals and anti-clericals, and would captivate France for months…

| To the search for atlantis

Par Elise Gruaurealized by Francois teste, coordination Christine Bernard

Diffusion – Saturday 31/12 and Sunday 01/01 at 1:30 pm

Atlantis is a name that people still dream about today, and it has been going on since Antiquity. This name has stimulated the most diverse dreams, projections, explorations and theories, and produced more than 40,000 books! But what do we really know about the sunken continent?

This documentary proposes to explore the myth and the adventures, the dreams and explorations generated by Atlantis.

And then > The complete programming of our shows and reruns as part of The Nightmare Before Christmas by France Culture can be viewed online.

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