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The Game Awards are back again for a colorful 2022 edition. An evening presented by Geoff Keighley rich in trailers, announcements and above all rewards.

[Mis à jour le 8 décembre 2022 à 10h45] The year 2022 is a very good year for the gaming world. As the industry slowly recovers from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, some titles that have been expected for several years have angered many gamers, while some very nice surprises have fallen on game consoles and PCs. As every year, the Game Awards closes the season by rewarding the players in the video game industry in a night hosted by the quintessential Geoff Keighley. A broadcast that will take place at midnight and it will also be the time to discover some new projects for the coming year. Broadcast time, expected games, nominees… We’re taking stock just below.

The Game Awards 2022 ceremony will be held at the evening of Thursday 8 to Friday 9 December 2022 at 1:30 am (French time). A relatively late show that we owe to the time difference between France and the American West Coast. Before the awards ceremony, the traditional thirty-minute preshow will be held, focusing on information and announcements from the studios about future industry shows. A chance to feast our eyes on some crisp trailers and gameplay sequences, and prepare for the year 2023 on the right foot.

Over two hours of show and nearly an hour of announcements and trailers of all kinds, no shortage of it. And if you also want to participate in the ceremony from the comfort of your living room, know that it will be broadcast free of charge and live on various mediums. Of course, you can see it on the official Game Awards YouTube channel, but on the Twitch channel of the same name. In addition, you can also follow the best announcements of the night live in this article:

The Game Awards 2022 is an opportunity to reward the main players in the video game industry, but also to cheer the next releases for the year 2023. During this year’s pre-show, Geoff Keighley announced that shorter than in previous editions, various studios showcased trailers and gameplay footage of highly anticipated titles. This year, the announcements are many, and we know that many games are coming out. This is the case of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the sequel to Cal’s adventures at the beginning of the Empire should show us a few minutes of gameplay at the Game Awards 2022.

Other announcements that have yet to be confirmed are for Warhammer 40,000: Spacemarine 2, and Horizon Forbidden West. The first should be revealed in the form of various gameplay sequences, while the second may reveal an upcoming DLC. This will also be the case for the Elden Ring, which can take advantage of its inertia from the free Colosseum DLC to introduce greater content. We also hope to see new images of the Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to expect to see all of these projects at once, due to the shorter format of The Game Awards 2022.

Among the contenders for the most coveted title of the prestigious Game Awards 2022 ceremony, we saw various big hits of the year 2022. Among them, Elden Ring, From the total Software masterpiece that has immersed millions of players in its mysterious and terrifying open-world. A timeless adventure that showed the full potential of From Software games gameplay-wise and technically, and was a huge favorite of the night. On his side, his most serious competitor is none other than God of War: Ragnarok. The continuation of the adventures of Kratos and Atreus in the Seven Kingdoms has been praised by the press for what it is: a mythological epic as beautifully written as it is, and a valuable asset to the Playstation consoles. Then another Playstation exclusive joins the ranks of the nominees, Horizon Forbidden Westone of the best games ever made and a true technical showcase of the PS5.

Cocorico, the fourth GOTY nominee is French, and it isA Plague Tale: Requiem. Asobo Studios’ sequel to the medieval tale continues the story of Amicia and Hugo deep in fifteenth century France. A game as good as it is, but will struggle to compete with the behemoths mentioned above. The fifth nominee also from a French studio, is nothing but an original and poetic adventure wild, which puts you in the shoes of a cat, lost in a colorful and alive world after the fall. Finally, the final nominee also hails from Japan and is none other than the excellent turn-based JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3the latest in a long line of hits that have become classics of the genre.

Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarök at the top?

With no less than seven nominations, Elden Ring is one of the honored titles of this 2022 edition of The Game Awards. The new release from From Software, the Japanese studios made famous by the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchises, is well placed to claim the title of Game of the Year. It will only be necessary to counter the growing influence of a more recent novelty, God of War: Ragnarök, nominated in almost nine categories. The battle is likely to be tight between these two releases expected for several years ending their competition in terms of ratings with 96/100 for Elden Ring and 94/100 for God of War , unheard of.

French games in focus

This Game Awards 2022 is also a great opportunity to reward French gaming. With two games nominated for Best Game of the Year, our studios have a lot to be proud of, especially when competing against competitors as big as From Software or Sony Santa Monica. Their creations, Stray and A Plague Tale: Requiem also have the merit of being very original projects, sometimes profoundly changing the way we play. The historical accuracy of A Plague Tale Requiem makes it almost a masterclass in the nature of 15th century Europe, while Stray’s originality and subtle commentary on the future of our species clearly refreshes our long and hot days since last August. And while these two Davids may go up against the Goliaths of the GOTY category, they’ll take home a lot of cuts with their respective 5 and 7 nominations.

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