Project for a new Ehpad in Beaucaire: good news but questions…

The Portes de Camargue Hospitals have a project to build a new establishment that will bring together L’Oustau and Gaston Doumergue. But the association Réagir pour Beaucaire expressed its concerns through a leaflet distributed this weekend.

This weekend, the Réagir pour Beaucaire association distributed a leaflet in the city’s mailboxes about a project carried out by the Hôpitaux des Portes de Camargue, which intends to merge two existing Beaucairois nursing homes into a new establishment . : Gaston Doumergue and L’oustau.

A project that, according to management, is still in its infancy, and with which it has only been contacted internally at the moment.

However, the association Réagir Pour Beaucaire is aware of the internal documents that give rise to this project.

A good project, “yeah but…”

For the association it is without a doubt “A fun project, but….Because there is a “but” explains the association who said that”the project provides a capacity of 102 beds instead of the current 150 in the two areas. And this while the needs and demands continue to grow.”

The association is based on figures taken from an internal Hôpitaux des Portes de Camargue document that presents the project in broad outline.

The association’s other reservation relates to the proposed site, avenue de la Croix Blanche. According to, “it threatens the little wood, a green space with a pine forest where adults and children meet, especially from La Moulinelle”.

In conclusion, the leaflet denounces “a shadowy and secretly developed project” and surprised by the lack of information from Mayor Julien Sanchez, who is part of the supervisory board of the Hospitals of the Portes de Camargue and therefore knows the project.

A motion was united so that there would be no reduction in beds

Julien Sanchez is not the owner of the project so there is no vocation to file it. He clarified that nothing is final. “Currently this is really only a preliminary draft, a first base to be presented for opinion to the ARS”.

The mayor of Beaucaire also wants to be reassured about the bed capacity. “In November, the Supervisory Board voted unanimously for a motion requesting no reduction in bed capacity. Lucien Limousin the mayor of Tarascon and chairman of the supervisory board is on the same wavelength, like the caregivers”.

The proposed land is municipal land

For Julien Sanchez, “a new Ehpad would make it possible to have a new establishment, more suitable because the two establishments are old. It is a very good thing for this project to succeed, but on the condition that no beds will be lost by combining the existing Ehpad and subject to the development of the land envisaged for this project, avenue Croix-Blanche. We will not give it up for nothing”.

The land is actually municipal land, leaving the municipality in control.

The Hospital only wanted to react through a press release (see below). According to inside sources, the figures shown in the Réagir leaflet for Beaucaire were the result of a misinterpretation, “the calculation method is more complicated”. And no cuts in beds or jobs are planned.”

For the association Réagir in Beaucaire, however it will be “urgent that the population, – especially the residents -, be kept informed and able to give their opinion”.

The management of Hôpitaux Portes de Camargue spoke on the subject in a press release. Management has determined that nothing concrete is being developed.

“As part of their establishment project, the Hôpitaux des Portes de Camargue wanted to start reflecting on improving the service provided to the elderly in the municipality of Beaucaire. In fact, the expectations of the elderly admitted to the EHPAD are changing and also, the Hospitals of the Portes de Camargue have the ambition to modernize their offer: terms of care, hotel comfort, working conditions for the professionals who work with the residents. not yet defined. The coming months will allow us to continue this work of definition with the full participation of all stakeholders.”

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