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The Public Agency for the Real Estate of Justice (APIJ) is starting the initial consultation on the project.

Between January 5 and February 16, 2023, the Public Agency for the Real Estate of Justice (APIJ) invites the population to express themselves in the project to build a new prison establishment in Val-d’Oise, in the municipality of Bernes-sur-Oise, and on the compatibility of the local urban plans of Bernes-sur-Oise (95) and Morangles (60) which will be required to authorize the construction of the project in the study area.

A public meeting will be held on Monday January 9, 2023, at 7:30 pm, in the village hall of Bernes-sur-Oise (17 rue Verte).

Led by APIJ on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, the project consists of the creation of a new penitentiary establishment, known as “Nord Ile-de-France”, with 600 places located in Bernes-sur-Oise, on a site which is now partially occupied by AFPA. AFPA’s training platforms affected by the project will be moved to land currently occupied by AFPA in Bernes-sur-Oise or Morangles.
This project is part of the program to build, by 2027, 15,000 additional prisons decided by the President of the Republic in 2018. This plan aims to ensure the response to criminal justice, improve the working conditions of the personnel of prisons, improve care for detainees and reduce prison overcrowding.
It is also part of the “Val-d’Oise Plan”, which aims to support a deep transformation of the department, especially its eastern part, in the next ten years and one of the objectives of which is to improve the infrastructure of Justice. .

Among the various sites studied, the Bernes-sur-Oise site offers the best compromise:

a land of 16 hectares, owned by the State, which is largely artificial; a remote area, more than 1 km, from the nearest residences; land well served by road infrastructure and located near the Persan-Beaumont train station; a site located near the public services necessary for the operation of the future establishment.
The tentative schedule for the project provides for the establishment to be commissioned in 2027.

A consultation under the supervision of two CNDP guarantors

In accordance with the environmental code and the town planning code, APIJ fully includes the public in the project, especially the inhabitants of Bernes-sur-Oise, Morangles, Mesnil-en-Thelle, Bruyères-sur-Oise and neighboring municipalities . It also links territorial actors, in particular associations.
This consultation was placed under the supervision of two guarantors appointed by the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP), to ensure that it runs smoothly: Ms. Dalila DA COSTA ALVES and Mr. Patrick NORYNBERG.

Six weeks to gain knowledge and express yourself

The consultation file for the project, as well as a summary leaflet, is available from the town halls of Bernes-sur-Oise, Morangles, Mesnil-en-Thelle, Bruyères-sur-Oise and from the prefectures of Val-d ‘Oise , in Cergy-Pontoise and Oise, in Beauvais. They are also available on the consultation website:

From January 5 and until February 16 inclusive, anyone who wishes can express themselves through their choice:

Contribution to the consultation website,
Contribution to public registers available at the town halls of the four municipalities and the two aforementioned prefectures (during the opening hours of these institutions),
Mail to the Public Agency for the Real Estate of Justice (APIJ): by dematerialized method ( or by post: Land and Town Planning Service – Penitentiary establishment of Nord- Francilien – Prior consultation – Immeuble Okabé – 67, avenue de Fontainebleau – 94270 Le Kremlin Bicêtre,
Delivery of opinions or questions to guarantors by electronic means ( / or by post to the National Commission for Public Debate – For attention by Mrs. Dalila DA COSTA ALVES / Mr. Patrick NORYNBERG, guarantors – 244 boulevard Saint-Germain 75007 Paris.

To discuss this, five meetings were planned in the presence of the guarantors:

o A workshop to visit the study area, Friday January 6 at 1:30 pm, on registration (limited number of places):,
o A public meeting: Monday January 9, at 7:30 pm, at Bernes-sur-Oise village hall, 17 rue Verte,
o Two hotlines maintained by APIJ:
o Friday 20 January, from 2 pm to 5.30 pm, at the town hall of Bernes-sur-Oise (place de la Mairie)
o Tuesday February 7, from 2 pm to 5.30 pm, at the town hall of Morangles (192 rue du Prieuré)
o A participatory workshop: Tuesday January 31, at 6 pm, in the village hall of Bernes-sur-Oise, 17 rue Verte, on registration (limited number of places):

The Prison Development Plan: a State commitment

Launched in 2018 by the State, the Prison Property Program provides for the creation, by 2027, of 15,000 additional prisons in mainland France and abroad. To increase the current capacity of 15,000 places, a total of 18,000 places will be built, so it is possible to close some establishments that are no longer suitable. With 60,700 existing places for 72,000 prisoners on October 1, 2022, France suffers from chronic prison overcrowding to which this program aims to respond.

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