The equestrian world is demonstrating this Thursday in Paris, against the VAT hike

Should equestrian centers raise prices? This is what they fear, while the government wants to raise VAT from 5.5% to 20% ​​on all their activities. They will again demand the maintenance of the current rate this Thursday, in a national demonstration at the Invalides, in Paris.

Many demonstrations

Saturday and Sunday, several hundred people had already shown up in Lyons, Nantes, Avignon
or Rennes. “Horse riding at risk, VAT will kill us“, chanted the Lyon procession, led by a team led by a hiking horse and several dwarf ponies to accompany them. In Nantes, 200 people and 40 ponies marched, as well as about forty people in Rennes.

The fear of a 20% VAT

Since 2014, equestrian centers have been subject to 20% VAT for certain activities, but not all. The government wants to generalize this rate of 20% for all activities. At the end of November, the Senate adopted an amendment, to maintain a reduced VAT rate at 5.5%but the Assembly will have the last word.

In the event of a price increase, the centers fear losing some of their customers.

The price of hay also increased

The sector is also afraid delete with clubs already suffering from all the current increases related to inflation and especially hay, after a bad crop year.

The French Equestrian Federation, including more than 692,000 licenseessaid to be the third sports federation in France.

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