When “Josiane and Michel de la compta” put the seum on the purists in “Mon Petit Prono”

If the match between Tunisia – France (1-0) remains on the throat of the French Football Federation after FIFA’s decision to reject the appeal on the canceled goal of Antoine Griezmann, it will also mean a big blow for the players of Mon Petit Prono, this site for free predictions between friends or colleagues on World Cup matches.

As for Caroline, who started her predictions at the very end of the group stages in this match between Tunisia and France. He didn’t know anything about it, but one of his friends told him about the “Coca-Cola” bonus, which allowed him to double the points of his prediction and he decided to do it by betting on the Eagles of Carthage as the victors. In a single match prediction, he came first in his group.

Baptiste didn’t know anything about football either, until he asked his friends about the offside rule. However, he is ahead of his peer group. “Currently, I have 1.065pts and I am 17.481st. I owe my ranking to the match between Tunisia and France. I went 2-1 for Tunisia initially, and a colleague suggested I bet 1-0 if I wanted to bet Tunisia. I put in my Coca-Cola bonus, and it was the steal of the century…. 480 pts coming soon! “, he was thrilled with it.

The “Josianes of accounting”

Beautiful shots made by inexperienced football players, the “Josiane de la compta” as they are called in social networks: These people who never watch football but have surpassed all their knowledge thanks to an unlikely bets like the victory of Saudi Arabia against Argentina, Japan against Germany or Spain, South Korea against Portugal, or Tunisia against France, therefore.

“I’m Josiane from accounting. It is not necessary to follow all the L1, the Champions League and the World Cup since 1938 to see that a rating of 160 points against a rating of 12 points is tempting. Josiane may be bad at football, but Josiane is good at logic,” said Laura, full of humor.

More players, and coffee machine rooms

In fact, the particularity of this World Cup means that it is better to play the big odds, as explained by Julien, Community and Digital Manager of Mon Petit Prono, and Mon Petit Gazon, the fantasy football game: ” This argument is indeed valid for this competition, but it is the context that imposes it, with many surprises in the results. It is calculated that if the players did the same for the Euro, they would not have 50% of points they got this time. There are a lot of surprises that defy logic, during the Euros if you bet on surprises, you’ve finished 700,000th place”.

These surprises allow the uninitiated to perform, and above all to talk about it. “Normally we already receive a lot of messages throughout the year with MPG, people want to share their success at the weekend. For this World Cup, it increased tenfold by 5 or 10. They came to tell their story or that of a colleague, every small personal success is often shared on social networks,” explains Julien.

This is exactly what the prognosis application is looking for, “a game that wants to be free”, unlike sports betting, and therefore requires a “maximum of users”. Both multiply “coffee machine rooms by a good time without commitment”, but also to earn money.

And it works because Mon Petit Gazon brings together around 700,000 players, when almost 1.8 million people attended Mon Petit Prono at this World Cup in Qatar, compared to 1.1 million for Euro 2021.

The “seum” of connoisseurs

But the World Cup in Qatar does not only make people happy, ask the Belgians, the Germans, the Spanish, or Didier, player of Mon Petit Prono. “You only have to look at the leaders in the general classification to realize that it is better to play against the odds than the favorite teams… The seum in this application is for players who play the game seriously. In 2024 we will try scorecast [une autre application]even if the MPP decides to reduce the possibility of challengers”, regrets one who must also have some Belgian blood.

The Mon Petit Prono team is no better. Of the 19 people in the company, only one is ranked in the top 100,000, enough to “share the same frustration as the players”. Don’t talk to poor Julien about it. “Personally, I spend my day sharing achievements, even though I’m only in 350,000th place and I just feel like a big weirdo. Fun, but a little frustrating when you’re eating football 24 hours a day. But I found exactly what we want to share with the players: That not the best wins, but everyone is happy. We can’t hate someone who follows football once every four years,” said the community manager.

Let the purists be reassured, with a poster for the quarter-finals, little room for surprises, and therefore the great possibility. Apart from Morocco against Portugal. Enough to give “Josiane de la compta” a little more lead in the standings.

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