Do you have a good eye to figure out how many books are in this picture?

Having a good eye for knowing what others struggle to see means you have an exceptional quality of thinking based on sensation and perception. This is very important for most trades. Through observation, a person can distinguish signs and objects with small differences, see them in fast motion, in a changed perspective, have the opportunity to reduce the time of perception of the sign, thing, process

So how many books are in this picture?

Amazingly, our senses have the ability to convert real-world information into electrical information that the brain can process. The senses are those that help us understand the world around us. How we interpret this information – our perceptions – leads to our experiences of the world.

Humans are equipped with senses such as sight, hearing and taste

how many books are in the picture the sensations

The quality of observation

In psychology, there is a whole field of study of possibilities to reveal the psychological essence of a person through observation and perception. Observability indicates a well-developed visual analyzer, high absolute sensitivity. In observation, you can only see something if you know what to look for, what to see. Sometimes several people with different professional levels or interests in different fields look at the same thing. But in the exchange of information, it turns out that one who has no knowledge, or does not know exactly what he should see, does not see anything thanks to his high sensitivity.

This involves a great distinction

some books optical perception

Observation is selective

One may meet people who have a high degree of sensitivity to the understanding of nature and the processes that flow from it, but have difficulty distinguishing between states and processes. Also, to a large extent, personal characteristics reflect awareness and understanding of what one sees and perceives:

  • The first specific feature of observation consists in the visible, the external behavior or the very appearance of a person or thing, his state or his inner, mental qualities.
  • The second characteristic of observation consists in the need to differentiate the signs by which a person expresses himself externally. They can be expressed through physiognomic masks, posture, gait; mental phenomena occurring in the present, but also through facial expressions, postures, actions.
  • The third characteristic of observation relates to the interest specifically taken in the person or thing as an object of perception and observation.
  • The fourth characteristic of observation is determined by the fact that the content of the activity involves interaction between people. And that means observing, as a general rule, not the isolated person or thing, but in relation, to the communication.

The choice of observing someone or something is quickly created

co;many books observation under a lens


It has the characteristic of reflecting the inner world of other people. Such meditation promotes understanding of the thoughts and feelings of others and also brings about emotional empathy.

  • The emergence of empathy involves the development of observation and its relation to thinking and feeling. The ability to put oneself in the position of others, to imitate their state, to understand what is not said out loud, to identify with their emotional state, to predict the evolution of behavior and the mental state. This is the concrete content of empathy, which manifests itself in the processes of interaction between people.
  • Observing it contributes to a certain personality structure, where the development of emotional qualities such as impressionability, emotional response.

Its development contributes to the improvement of skills not only to see and feel others.

He can also make us predict his behavior

how many books is the observation

Hint to see all books

How many books do you see in this picture? Look closely at the picture to see something hidden.

Think about where a book is usually carried

Observability is primarily influenced by the processes and characteristics of perceptual and deceptive testing

A good eye is the result of practice

Work on your vision. Try to look at all the things and people for a month or two as if you would need to draw them. On the street, on the bus, it looks exactly like that everywhere. And in a day or two you will convince yourself that you haven’t seen 10% of what you see now. And in two months you will learn to see even without forcing yourself to do it.


If you’re stuck on the picture and either you know where the books are or you can’t guess, see the solution picture below. What a surprise! The policeman also had a book.

Here is the correct answer

how many pounds are the observation test answers

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