Electronic signature of the employment contract: why is it adopted?

Today, many business leaders prefer to have their employees sign their employment contracts electronically.

It should immediately be emphasized here that this practice is favored both for the implementation of specific missions and for the performance of permanent tasks.

However, if the electronic signature of the employment contract is very popular, some people really do not see its usefulness.

If you are one of them, the following should change your mind.

To save time when signing employment contracts

Once the employee recruitment phase is over, the selected people should quickly occupy their various workstations.

To perform this operation according to the rules of the art, they must fully sign the employment contract.

As you know, typing, printing and signing a hard copy employment contract can be time-consuming. This can prevent the company from functioning properly because the course of its activities will take a hit.

It is to avoid these types of situations that many business leaders have decided to opt for the electronic signature of employment contracts; this option makes it possible to go quickly. In fact, it is enough to send the employment contract to the selected candidates by email so that, after reading, the latter affix their signature.

By doing this, they can, within short and controlled deadlines, start working. Signing employment contracts electronically is a process that allows companies to optimize the way they work, reduce the tasks of their Human Resources (HR) unit and become more efficient.

To reduce or eliminate the use of paper in your business

To reduce or eliminate the use of paper in your business

A company has a history to preserve. Therefore, the signed employment contract of each employee should be carefully kept for a long time to serve as proof in case of need.

To perform this operation with employment contracts in the paper version is just laborious. In fact, in addition to setting up a space to keep these documents, you should be careful to sort them properly so that you can find them very quickly. In addition to the loss of time, this generates other additional costs.

To say goodbye to all this hassle, we recommend that you use the electronic contract signature. In this method, you can go “zero paper” in business or reduce the use of paper in this context. This will allow you to achieve great savings and avoid many mistakes.

However, it should be noted that to take advantage of this huge advantage, you must be very organized and have some computer skills. This set will help you keep most of this documentation. In addition, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it would be prudent to store all this various data on some secure storage media.

To increase the rate of signing employment contracts and eliminate telephone reminders

Experience in the world of work has shown that successful candidates will find it easier to read an electronic employment contract. With this attitude, the latter has more ease in signing a digitized employment contract.

This will allow you to increase your signature rate. It should be noted here that this statistic is very important for a recruitment firm because it proves that the latter is fast and able to carry out its missions well to the end.

On the other hand, you should know that the signing of employment contracts is done digitally avoid repeated phone reminders. Your company’s human resources unit or a company that specializes in recruiting personnel for companies may have some leeway in this direction.

Employee and electronic signature of the employment contract: what to pay attention to before signing?

electronic signature of the employment contract
electronic signature of the employment contract

As an employee, when you want to sign your employment contract digitally, you need to pay attention to various elements. We present two of them here.

The employment contract should be well read and understood

To start, you should read your employment contract carefully. Take your time to do this and if there is a concern or misunderstanding of the clauses, ask your questions to whom it may concern. By doing this, you will avoid approving points that may cause you trouble later.

Don’t forget to always keep a copy and check that the contract is well drafted

Before putting an electronic signature on a digitized employment contract, you need to make sure it is written properly. In particular, it should contain important information such as:

  • Your salary;
  • The benefits of this agreement;
  • Your Personal information;
  • Company data, etc.

Furthermore, it is always advisable keep a copy of your signed electronic employment contract.

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