Nacon Nacon RIG 800 PRO HS Headphones Review

Here’s a review of the RIG 800 gaming headset, a high-end wireless model from Nacon, which recently bought the RIG range from Plantronics. In the program, a new charging and connection base, a slight design revision, and still no software support. Is it enough to rub shoulders with the market leaders? Take our comprehensive quiz.


  • Content and Finish: As per its seniors
  • Convenience: A saving light
  • Compatibility and functions: Annoying sound alerts
  • Sound reproduction: Colorful, pleasant but unaltered
  • In conclusion: Good features, some ugly flaws

Although we just tested the excellent RIG 300, the brand’s entry-level model, the RIG 800 PRO arrived on our test bench in its HS version, for PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as PC. The latter is launched at a price of €199, including its charging base and connection, and competes with the Arctis Nova 7 from Steelseries and the JBL Quantum 810 Wireless, also under the €200 mark, or even the EPOS H3Pro Hybrid, the our favorite reference is sold around 250€.

Compatibility PS5, PS4, Windows, Mac
Microphone type Pivoting cardioid microphone
Microphone noise reduction Nope
7.1 / 3D rendering Nope
Weight 297 grams
Connections are available Wireless via dongle

Content and Finish: As per its seniors

In the RIG 800 box, we clearly see the helmet, its charging cable, a USB dongle and a charging base. The latter is used to accommodate the headphones in a vertical position when not in use to put some energy back into its battery, but can also accept a dongle to ensure the wireless connection of the RIG 800. And we must admit that it is quite practical and elegant as a solution. So of course, in the purest tradition of the RIG range, the whole thing is completely composed of plastic, both part of the base and the side of the helmet, but the general black, like the very specific aesthetic, makes it possible to avoid the toy. aspect offer true sobriety. valid, the RIG 800 PRO is a gaming headset and it shows at first glance.

The RIG 800 PRO, like most of the brand’s helmets, offers us a semi-rigid headband lined with an elastic headband. The size is adjusted by changing the position of the ear cups at the level of the headband, which has three levels of height. Without a ball joint, the helmet cannot be positioned flat and offers, at best, a rotation of 5° through the flexibility of its grip. however, this system has the advantage of being particularly resistant to various twists and to avoid any risk of hissing and creaking.

On the side of the ear cups, with a closed design, we are now entitled to a foam lined with imitation leather on the sides and fine fabric that touches the head, to a balanced mix between sound insulation and aeration of the lobes. A good point for long games as well as for use when the temperature is high.

Convenience: A saving light

Nacon RIG 800 HS headphones review: Lightness and deep bass on PS5 and PC

The RIG 800 PRO doesn’t weigh too much at 300 grams on the scale, a good mark for a wireless model. And this weight advantage is perfectly used to offer comfort worthy of the best. A smart mix of stability and flexibility, allows the helmet to be firmly placed on the head without pressing a specific point: neither the ear, nor the top of the skull. What is quickly forgotten is that it is worn on the head during the game.

With its large bubbles, the helmet is perfectly compatible with wearing glasses, and it fits both small and large heads. But beware, its 3-level system ultimately allows only 3 well-spaced positions, enough to leave some people hesitating between two sizes, one quite tight and the other a bit loose. Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the headband tension to solve this problem.

Nacon RIG 800 HS headphones review: Lightness and deep bass on PS5 and PC Nacon RIG 800 HS headphones review: Lightness and deep bass on PS5 and PC

Compatibility and functions: Annoying sound alerts

The RIG 800 PRO HS offers only one connection mode: via its supplied dongle. We can certainly connect this dongle to the base, then the base to the platform, but there is no question of doing without a proprietary connection. The headset does not offer Bluetooth or analog connectivity. At least, we can’t fault its lack of simplicity. Also note that the headset or its base is charged with a provided micro-USB cord, where we would have liked a more recent connector model, such as USB-C, for a battery life of less than 15 hours. with full force.

Nacon RIG 800 HS headphones review: Lightness and deep bass on PS5 and PC

At the level of the left atrium, there are three functions with direct access: the general volume (which controls the OS), a start and connection button, and finally a knob for controlling the return of the microphone to helmet Three well spaced buttons, well differentiated, easy to use from the first minutes. As for the microphone, it is very simple to switch to mute once it is placed in the high position. The ergonomics are therefore very good.but unfortunately it is burdened by the sounds and voices that come with these functions.

“Mic Monitor Low”, “Mic Monitor High”, “Bip Beep”, nothing too special you can say… Except that these sounds are not added to what you hear on the headphones, just prioritized by them and mute the overall sound. It’s disgusting when in the middle of the game you can’t hear your teammates speak for 2 seconds when we just change a benign setting or put his microphone in a high position.

Sound reproduction: Colorful, pleasant but unaltered

Nacon RIG 800 HS headphones review: Lightness and deep bass on PS5 and PC

The RIG 800 PRO HS does not benefit from any software support. There is no way to change the headphone EQ, and quite embarrassing. It’s a shame because the sound reproduction is a bit colorful for my audiophile ears. Highlighted bass and fairly high mids that crush the more indented highs. The analysis curve of the RIG 800 is not perfect, and is too bad for listening to music faithful to the source, but the rendering is not so pleasant, especially in the game or in front of a movie.

With a characteristic double bump around 50 and 100 Hz, RIG 800 has explosives. Faced with an explosion, at the bend of a roaring engine, or in front of a funky bass, the 40 mm speakers do not scroll and offer a very dynamic bass base, capable of be it precision in calm moments or in strong sound pressure when the soundstage becomes more complex.

The mediums, slightly highlighted, put the voices forward, giving the dialogues a very special presence. And even the treble, although slightly subdued in volume, retains enough precision to make the overall scene a success. The helmet is generally amazing, more than natural. A point we reported for the H3 from Epos, but it’s reinforced here. Whether we like this rendering or not is obviously a matter of taste, but what is certain is that Nacon does not offer us any support to change it.

Nacon RIG 800 HS headphones review: Lightness and deep bass on PS5 and PC Nacon RIG 800 HS headphones review: Lightness and deep bass on PS5 and PC

Finally, a word on the microphone rendering we have here high quality voice reproduction. We are entitled to a natural, accurate voice, with an almost respectful timbre. No breath, no metallic voice, and just to quibble a little lack of treble. The small microphone cell also takes in the nuances perfectly, without saturation or loss of intelligibility, while the rod that supports it is placed with great precision. Great art, both for chat and for streaming.

In conclusion: Good features, some ugly flaws

After a week of using the RIG 800 PRO HS, the findings are somewhat mixed. The helmet gives us great comfort, cut for durability thanks to its lightness, good ergonomics with its easily accessible function, with the added bonus of having a base that makes it very pleasant to use. At the same time, we regret that the headphones do not offer Bluetooth connection or passive operation with analog input. This is quite unfortunate in the case of an empty battery, especially at this price level.

Nacon RIG 800 HS headphones review: Lightness and deep bass on PS5 and PC

On the sound side, the RIG 800 PRO HS gives us a respectable score, but is colorful and unchanging in the absence of dedicated software. You have to love the extra presence of the bass, these snapping mids, which play a fantastic card but can also be tiring in the long run. You have to accept the presence of noisy alerts and indicators, which completely cut the sound of the game in progress as soon as you cut the microphone. Fortunately, the latter is efficient, easy to fix and very efficient.

Due to the price charged, around 200€, the RIG 800 PRO HS does not manage to rise to the level of references market in this price range. It lacks multiple connections, little sound balance, software support worthy of the name. Despite the obvious features, some of its flaws somewhat spoil the experience, and that’s a real shame because the potential is there.


Strong points

  • An atypical design with a beautiful finish
  • The light that ensures a good portion of comfort
  • A good balance between insulation and ventilation
  • On the microphone, it is clear, accurate and pleasant for listeners
  • General ergonomics
  • The charging and connection base

Weak points

  • Alerts that mute sound
  • Color reproduction without possible uniformity
  • A connection mode
  • Value for money

The RIG 800 PRO HS is a very comfortable, light and balanced headset with excellent wireless connectivity for PS5 and PC. Its sound reproduction is good, although full of bass, and its microphone is very good at the voice and its particularities. Unfortunately, it carries some shortcomings and some mistakes, which prevent it from positioning itself against the best models on the market. It’s too bad because the concept, including the connection and charging base, is very nice to use.

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