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What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

Detective Conan: Bride of Shibuya

Available on VOD December 13, 2022

Tokyo. The Shibuya district is in full swing for Halloween. Detective Sato is dressed in a wedding dress in front of the guests, including Conan of course! Suddenly, an assailant enters the room and Detective Takagi is injured while trying to protect Sato. She survives his attack but this attack rekindles in Sato the memory of the detective Matsuda, whom she loves, who was killed in the bomb attacks three years ago. At the same time, the perpetrator of these attacks escaped from prison. Opportunity? To avenge his classmate, detective Furuya alias Toru Amuro searches for the fugitive who is setting a trap for him. Conan finds Amuro with a bomb around his neck in an underground shelter. Amuro tells him that 3 years ago, his comrades from the police academy met in Shibuya “Plamya”, a bomber. A disturbing shadow greets Conan and his friends. The crossroads of destinies is on fire, Halloween has become a raging parade!

Rude people

Available on VOD December 14, 2022

Following a robbery gone wrong, Antoine, wounded in the leg, comes by force to Elias to find a hiding place. Nothing was destined for the thief, a petty anarchist, to cross paths with this vain history teacher. A strange relationship begins between the two men where influence and complicity mix. But that doesn’t count on Lucie, the rather special investigator in charge of the case…

The very high class

Available on VOD December 14, 2022

Sofia is a young French teacher, martyred by her students. Believing he finally holds the mutation of his dreams, he launches an explosive farewell and relishes his revenge. Problem: his transfer is frozen, he is now competing with a teacher with an impeccable CV and his students, more regrouped than before, are determined to make him pay for his words. Lies at the academy, low blows to her competitor, seduction campaign… Sofia is ready to do anything to get her exit certificate!

Where the lobster sings

Available on VOD December 15, 2022

Kya, an abandoned girl, grows up alone in the dangerous swamps of North Carolina. For years, the wildest rumors about the “Swamp Girl” of Barkley Cove have been swirling, further isolating the sensitive and steadfast Kya from the community. His meeting with two young men from the city opens up a new and terrifying world to him; but when one of them is found dead, the whole community immediately sees him as the prime suspect. As the truth of the events unfolds, the answers threaten to reveal many secrets buried in the swamps.

Latin America

Available on VOD December 15, 2022

Massimo Sisti is a dentist. He has everything he could ever dream of: a beautiful villa and a loving family. But one event will change his life forever. As he descends into his cellar, he discovers a girl tied up and in very bad shape. Who is he ? How did he get there?

Continental Drift (to the south)

Available on VOD December 15, 2022

Nathalie Adler is on mission for the European Union in Sicily. He was notably responsible for arranging Macron and Merkel’s next visit to a migrant camp. Presence with high symbolic value, to show that everything is under control. But who still wants to believe in this European family on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Probably not Albert, Nathalie’s son, an activist committed to an NGO, who comes without warning when she cuts ties with him for years. Their reunion will be more explosive than this diplomatic trip…

The Oak

Available on VOD December 15, 2022

Once upon a time there was a story of a 210 year old oak tree that became a pillar in his kingdom. This fantastic adventure film brings together an extraordinary cast: squirrels, balanins, jays, ants, field mice…. All this vibrant, humming and wonderful little world wraps its destiny around this majestic tree that welcomes them, nourishes them, protects them from its roots to its top. A poetic ode to life where only nature expresses itself.

Old Furnaces 2: Good for Asylum

Available for digital purchase on December 17, 2022

To help the migrants he harbors in Paris, Pierrot takes them Southwest to Antoine, who himself accepts as Mimile, in the midst of a renewed love for Berthe. Hoping to find calm and charm in the countryside, the six refugees get a taste of the legendary hospitality of a French village. The perfect opportunity to dispel fears and prejudices for Sophie and our three Old Furnaces, promoted the unexpected consultants of an electoral campaign that Larquebuse, the mayor of Montcoeur, will never forget.

On the other side of the sky

Available on VOD December 17, 2022

Lubicchi lived in the middle of huge chimneys whose thick smoke always covered the sky of his city. He wants to prove to everyone that his father is telling the truth and that, despite the clouds, there are stars. One Halloween night, the little chimney sweep meets Poupelle, a funny creature that he decides to leave to explore the sky.

Vesper Chronicles

Available on VOD December 17, 2022

In the future, ecosystems will collapse. Among those who survived, some privileged people took refuge in fortresses cut off from the world, while others tried to survive in a nature that had become hostile to humans. Living in the woods with her father, young Vesper dreams of another future, thanks to her talents as a bio-hacker, very important in this world where nothing grows anymore. The day a ship crashes from the forts with a mysterious passenger on board, she tells herself that fate is finally knocking at her door…

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