Beautiful police station: how do Vinci and the Wilmotte agency think about the project?

The State is contributing 172 million euros to this project. This is a unique case in France and the police station in Nice is certainly the most beautiful building dedicated to the security of our territory. “, announces Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior and Overseas. While traveling in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var, Gérald Darmanin lifted the veil in Nice on the winning project of the global performance market launched a year ago by the State to consolidate , more than 50,000 m2, at the former Saint-Roch hospital, national and municipal police. A building that will also house flagship equipment, an urban hypervision and command center (CHUC) of more than 4,000 m2,created by the City of Nice.

This market, which brought together the three majors (Vinci, Bouygues, NGE), with a competitive dialogue lasting several months, was won by Vinci Construction France, associated with the Wilmotte agency, DHA Architectes, Pierre-Antoine Gatier , architect in charge of history. monument and in the design offices of Egis and Oteis. A group mobilized up to 100 people to study and prepare this dossier.

Nice: who are the three majors in the competition for the police hotel?

There are no underground works for the Nice police hotel

The contract is worth €214 million including tax for this project, the the total cost represents €239 million including tax. ” Vinci was the group that provided the most complete answers to the entire program we identified “, commented the sub-prefect Luc Ankri, charged by the State with piloting this file. The winning project provides for a complete rehabilitation of the historic building (40% of surfaces) and its atrium built in the 19the century with particular the loss of canopy which currently covers this central space. For the extensions (60% of the project), the group’s designers envisioned a “security base” around the central building that would contain covered parking (1,000 seats).

12,000 truck spins avoided

The layout of the buildings around the central building has the form of a comb organization and a large longitudinal volume – which will place CHUC on two levels – will close the composition. These new surfaces will be sealed with concrete structures, tinted in mass with an ocher color. But the the roofs will be traditional (red tiles) like louvered shutters. ” We have preferred solutions to minimize the impact of this urban construction site as much as possible. The base provided for car parks frees us from earthworks and infrastructure. Those are 12,000 truck spins avoided “, explained Cyril Dupuy, regional building director Côte d’Azur of Vinci Construction France.

Nice: police hotel expected in 2025

Environmental commitments

But the site will also be complicated in terms of compliance, especially with the seismic standards required for this type of public facility. among others, it is necessary to remove the columns adorning the atrium to reinforce them… Despite these obstacles, the Vinci group has made several environmental commitments: compliance with BDM silver level labels for new parts and BBC Effinergie for rehabilitated parts, use of low -carbon “Exegy” concrete from Vinci on site, recourse to biobased materials, green patio, photovoltaic panels, very efficient heat pump, etc. Also added to recycle and reuse materials, in-situ and ex-situ. For the project’s impact on the local economy and employment, the group wants to exceed 25% of the project allocated to SMEs in the region. “ Local subcontractors have been approached. For our integration agreement, this represents 100,000 hours », referred to Cyril Dupuy.

The demolition permit having been granted, the site will open from the beginning of January 2023 with a phase of deconstruction and demolition lasting six months. The rehabilitation and creation of new buildings will follow until December 2024. Then an equipment and finishing phase until the end of 2025. At the peak, the site should mobilize 500 people and use four cranes.

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