Financial Afrik Awards 2022: businessman Arouna Nikiéma named African CEO of the year

The Chairman of the Executive Committee (P-CE) of BBS Holding, Arouna Nikiéma, was appointed, Thursday, December 8, 2022 in Lomé, in a big hotel on the square, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the yearein 100 men ofAfrican business nominees. This is sometimes a day of intense reflection on “green finance” and a ceremony rich in colors and sounds, awaited every year by the African financial and economic community, which served as the apotheosis here 5e edition of the Financial Afrik Awards. Your Wakat Sera newspaper, is a partner of the event, because of the beginning of the important initiative for the development of Africa.

Arouna Nikiéma, founder of BBS, incorporated as a holding company, was recognized at the 5th edition of the Financial Afrik Awards as CEO of the Year 2022 for Africa, for his leadership at the top management level and his push for in building a pan-African and continental economy.

The Burkinabè businessman who only knows how to combine the verb to innovate to develop, with the aim of conquering the economic world, thus founded his subsidiary BURVAL, in 8 African countries, spread over two geographical and economic zone and three monetary zones. , especially the West African CFA, the Central African CFA, and the Guinean franc, with at least 11,000 employees.

In 2019, together with other businessmen, he created the association of businessmen Investisseurs Sans Frontières (ISAF), with the aim of working to move the business world and contribute to the development of Africa by taking advantage of the benefits of African Continental Free Trade Area. (AfCFTA).

Socially pegged to the body, he is also involved in philanthropic operations through his Nikiéma Arouna Foundation (FNA) for the benefit of the education, health and environment sectors in Burkina Faso and the Lions Club International where he holds of high office.

By choosing this Burkinabè who has decided to extend, for a long time, his field of action throughout the black continent, the very knowledgeable jury of the 5th Financial Afrik Awards wants to highlight the potential of young Africans who is a businessman. who knows how to push the horizon line at every opportunity, in the field of business. In any case, this annual pan-African media event that is closest to the continent’s economic and financial issues serves as a booster for the development of Africa, which is still searching for its true place on the world stage.

On the occasion of this 5th edition of the event, 12 other trophies were awarded to African economic leaders in addition to the best CEO of the year.

A distinction of the best CEO of the year than Arouna NIKIEMA who leads a group with an important pan-Africanist vision, dedicated to all investors in Africa for whom, only the true independence of the continent and its participation in decision making in the global market. Mr. Nikiema was awarded together with Gervais Koffi Djondo, among others, the co-founder of ASKY transport company and the ECOBANK group, Serge Ekué, President of the West African Development Bank (BOAD), Nicolas Kazadi, Minister of Finance of Democratic Republic of Congo, Kako Kossivi Nubukpo, internationally renowned economist, former Minister of Prospects of Togo and Commissioner for the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), Rose Kayi Mivedor, Togolese Minister in charge of Investment Promotion, and many others business leaders from Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Morocco, DR Congo, etc.

This trophy, which he dedicated to his employees in all the countries where the BBS group is established through its subsidiaries, is the highest achievement of the work of the pan-African team determined to break down borders, he said , for his first words as a winner, the P-CE of BBS Holding, Arouna Nikiema. “But above all it is a challenge to maintain excellence as a shepherd star”. Faith of the best CEO of the 5th Financial Afrik Awards.

By Wakat Sera


The winners

It was in front of an audience of good days Louis Amee, the ddirector Mrgeneral of the federation of industries of Côte d’Ivoire and vice-president of the jury of the 5th Financial Afrik Awards and Adama Wade, Managing Director of Financial Afrik, results are announced and presented the 2022 winners symbolically recognized in the group of “100 changers in Africa”.

– Gervais Koffi Djondo (Togo), “Life Time Achievement Award”

– Arouna Nikiema P-CE of BBS Holding, CEO of the Year Award

– Arena Gold (Mali), Award for the best SME

– GIMAC (Groupement Interbancaire Monétique de l’Afrique Centrale), Prize for electronic banking integrator of the year

– MFS Africa Limited, Fintech of the Year Award

– Professor Kako Nubukpo, Economist of the Year Award

– Africa Bright (Cameroon), Deal of the Year Award

– Marc Kamgaing of Harvest Asset Management (Cameroon), Manager of the Year Award

– Serge Ekoué, President of BOAD, West African Development Bank Financier Award

– Rose Kayi Mivedor, Togolese Minister in charge of Investment Promotion, Special Prize for Women’s Leadership

– BADEA (Arab Bank for the Development of Africa) Development Committee of the Year Award

– Nicolas Kazazi, Finance Minister of DR Congo, Finance Minister of the Year Award

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