Restaurant owners fight back, a Swiss roboclette, Greenpeace and vegetarian school menus, Mory Sacko’s Breton buttermilk Thiakry…

Weird, strange, irrelevant, inevitable, anecdotal, explosive… Whether they make a buzz or they go unnoticed, the editorial staff needs to share with you… This information must be explored so as not to feed the fools !

Restaurateurs are fighting back! A restaurant in Ribeauvillé (Haut-Rhin) provoked anger and outrage. A poster prohibiting access to children remained on the door of the establishment for several days while the Christmas market was in full swing. Facing the bronca, the sign was finally removed but the establishment indicated that the unruly children will continue to be rejected.

In Lyon, he was the leader Fabrice Bonnot, also president of the merchants’ association of the Charité-Bellecour district (2nd arrondissement) discussed. He protested against the call for projects launched by the city to create a street food village in Bellecour and Parc Blandan during the Festival of Lights. This is ” a defiance of Lyon gastronomy » he declared even though finally seven points of sale and two ephemeral bars were opened in the square during the four days of the event. On the menu, soups and dumplings, but also hot dogs, raclette, pancakes, burgers and sandwiches with vegetarian options offered by Le Cousu, Aklé, Toasté, Madaman, Lyon Bioressources, Christian Tedoie and Dimitri Moulius, Kaffee Berlin.

Doctoral student in Swiss robotics Emmanuel Pignat from the Idiap Research Institute has carried out a transformation of the traditional Swiss raclette machine into an intelligent robot. baptized roboclette, the machine looks like a real little robot equipped with two functional and articulated arms. The first allows you to hold half a wheel of cheese while the second is programmed to serve it directly on the plate. To develop it, he worked with master cheesemaker Eddy Baillifard at the head of the Raclett’House restaurant, who lent his gestures to the robot to train it (Source: Creapillls).

We want to thank you Thierry Mulhaupt, Alsatian pastry chef, chocolate maker based in Strasbourg, who has developed an alternative to the eternal yule log (faithful Pêle-Mêle readers, you know our take on yule logs…). She made a Christmas Spirit pie consisting of sweet dough, almond cream decorated with soft fruit and dried fruit, mulled wine jelly with Christmas spices. The same also exists in an orange version of Christmas pie. All at an affordable price…

And because good news never comes alone, communications with cakes multiply! After the Christmas logs fall from the ceiling (See Pêle-Mêle of 3/10/22), here are galettes des rois that they think are Easter eggs! Jeremy Gressier (Terre Blanche in Tourettes in the Var) thought of one he called “ cocoa beans with cocoa croissant dough and chocolate frangipane. Definitely, no more seasons… or traditions!

Bad news never comes alone and the rapid spread of Avian Influenza Virus exacerbating tension in the egg market. The sector was already affected in the spring with massive slaughter and the farms have not yet returned to full production… A further heavy blow since the SNIPO announced that a return to normal cannot be imagined for several months.

good, Greenpeace France is contrary to the new version of the 2011 decree related to the quality of menus in school canteens, which is currently being revised by the Ministries of Agriculture, Ecological Transition and Health. This would give a minimum frequency of four in 20 meals with meat, and four in 20 meals with fish. This will leave room for 12 vegetarian meals out of a maximum of 20.” While the daily vegetarian option in school canteens is already a reality in more than 200 cities and towns and the many benefits of such a measure for the climate and health do not need to be proven, this new mandate can be placed at risk the possibility to offer daily. vegetarian options in elementary school canteens the NGO wrote in a press release. Greenpeace France asks the government not to block the establishment of a daily vegetarian option for communities that want it.

The production kitchen (200 meals/day) of Bayards de Mézériat school group (01) has just received BET Engineering Studies (BGP Setup).

As for the Lambertine (30), the installation company installed a new piano (Capic) in Barjac at Domaine Mas du Terme.

Work for Bernard (86) working with Futuroscope to create a new kitchen for the former StudioGrill restaurant.

Cedric Grolet will be Honorary President in support of Pierre Herme, President of the 34th edition of the World Pastry Cup that will take place in January at SIRHA!

The chef Helene Darrozhe who will open Jòia Bun, his street restaurant, in February in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris has only been appointed to the rank of officer in the Order of Arts and Letters. Mary Soria chef at Potel & Chabot was appointed to the rank of knight. Our congratulations to the recipients!

Mathilde Perrot Bell, the young and dynamic export sales director of Adventys was interviewed by Forbes France as part of the “Prosperous Companies 2022” file. What a success for this French SME that has been doing professional induction since 1999!

Chief Mory Sacko dinner was organized on the sidelines of the 5th Franco-Senegalese Intergovernmental Seminar held on December 8 at the Château de Champs-sur-Marne (94). ” It is a good moment to illustrate through my cuisine the link between the two countries, whether in a Thiakry with Breton buttermilk or a Mafé with Bourbonnais chicken… he pointed to social networks.


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