In Saint-Cadou, training to refine your installation project

Anna and Armande, interns at Ciap, the farmer agricultural installation cooperative, supervise Céline Maublanc, project manager. ©Chantal Pape

Market gardening, dairy production with processing, berries, aromatic and medicinal plants, orchards, spice plants, nurseries, cereals with processing into bread…: there are about twenty of them around the table, all with different projects. Their common point? Ciap*, the installation cooperative in the farming of farmers, which they have just left after a year of training, or which they have joined.

Rush in

“Ciap was born two years ago from the will of agricultural structures and the economy of society and solidarity”, explains Céline Maublanc. Their observation is clear: if there is only one installation for three retirements, many candidates who are not from the world of agriculture would like to become farmers. But due to lack of network, land, etc., they struggle to give up and make their project a reality.

And it was to put their feet on the stirrup that the Creative Farmer training was set up. “Over the course of a year, from November to November, they will benefit from 1,820 training hours, 231 at the center and 1,589 at the internship”, explained the Ciap project manager.

Find land

To combine this training, which is intended for job seekers, there are no prerequisites in terms of diplomas. “They just need to have a fairly accurate idea of ​​the production they want to enter and the geographical area where they want to live”. Because similar organizations were also created in the other three Breton departments.

Focused on acquiring entrepreneurial skills, the theoretical training will address the legal aspect of the installation, provide keys for finding land, the marketing of their products, communication… in the form of thematic that day. “The trainees will also write their provisional plan, conduct a market study…”. They will also take the opportunity to develop their network, meet with elected officials,

Learn technical moves

But this exercise is also very practical. Not from an agricultural background, trainees often need to acquire the technical skills of their future profession. And they will follow, for a whole year, at least two farms, thanks to the referent farmer. “They can spend two days a week on one farm, three on another, two weeks a month on each farm… it’s still very flexible,” says Céline Maublanc. “And adaptable, depending on the times and the work to be done”.

Funded by the Region

“The trainees have one year to do their experiment, “seize” the ideas that interest them, create their own system”, sums up the Ciap project manager. Goals won in the Brittany Region, which wants to double the number of installations by 2028.” The project leaders can test themselves, train for the work of the entrepreneur, fit in the territory where they want to ‘set up to facilitate their access to the land, while being supported in their methods “, summarizes to Olivier Le Bras, elected in the Region, which finances a large part of the educational cost of the training, 42,650 €, against 10,000 € for working in the Pôle, with the two organizations providing equal compensation for the trainees.

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12 places per year

Really practical, this practice has no problem meeting its audience. » We have 12 places every year. By the third time, the group is complete.

Now that all the keys are in place, 60% of the trainees are settled at the end of their training year, others are still looking for land, which often remains the blocking element of their project. And they are less than 10% to throw in the towel and go back to work.

*Ciap, the farmers’ agricultural installation cooperative, was founded by GAB29, the group of organic farmers, Civam, the Farmers’ confederation, the Kerliver training center, in Hanvec, the CAE, the activity and work cooperative Chrysalide, the regional natural park of Armorique and Terre de Liens.

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