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Online gaming in Canada is booming. This is particularly due to the use of new technologies by developers. It enhances the world of entertainment and brings more comfort to the players. Some technologies are often used in online casinos while others are used for mobile games. So, users can use any screen to play. Discover the technologies that are changing the world of online games in Canada.

Video casino technologies

The technologies used in Canada for games online is particularly concerned with virtual casinos. They are revolutionary and improve the user experience of the players. These are OCR and 3D animation.

OCR and artificial intelligence

OCR technology is an innovation incorporated into virtual casinos. This ensures a live broadcast of images from the studio where the games are taking place. OCR therefore allows you to discover the online casino showing all the important details of the game. The gaming tables appear live and you can bet against a real croupier.

Every event in the casino is presented before your eyes. This is the case of drawing cards in poker or the croupier spinning the roulette wheel. You enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a land-based casino without leaving your seat. In addition, some game developers are doing what it takes to offer high-quality broadcast images and sound. You can also participate in live chats thanks to the artificial intelligence built into online casinos. Bots can also provide the player with the information he needs.

3D animation

3D animation is a technology that adds more modernity to online casinos, especially slot machines. Here, you step into the position of the main character and follow all the scenarios that take place in the game. Having some animations especially encourages you to continue the game. These stories allow you to fully immerse yourself in this hobby. 3D animation has contributed a lot to the development of slot machine games. This makes them more attractive and improves the gaming experience for the players.

Mobile apps and cloud gaming

Some technologies allow you to play anywhere and anytime. This is the case of mobile apps to play with his phone. You also have cloud gaming, perfect for people on the go.

Mobile apps

The field of online games in Canada knows how to adapt to the development of technology. So, Canadians can download mobile applications to play games on the Internet. They have the ability to access online casinos with their smartphones. Also, most of the applications available in the market are adapted to Android and iPhone systems. This technology is very popular among Canadians because it offers more convenience and usability. Mobile applications are also suitable for online casino games such as slot machines or roulette.

Cloud gaming technology

Cloud gaming is another technological advancement that also facilitates the gaming experience. players. It allows you to play directly on the internet. Moreover, it can be done on any screen. In fact, the data is kept on a server. To access it, the player just needs to connect to the internet. He should also have a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is the perfect technology to enjoy the best games, even on the go. You can play on a PC, tablet or smartphone depending on the screen you have available.

Virtual reality and gesture control

To improve the player experience and bring more realism to the games, the developers use two other technologies. It’s about virtual reality and gesture control. They play a big role in the online gaming revolution in Canada.

virtual reality

Virtual reality or augmented reality is an innovation that offers players the possibility to fully immerse themselves in the game. This is a concept that is greatly appreciated by fans of online mobile games. As its name suggests, virtual reality allows you to have a more realistic view of every event. To use this technology, you need to take the virtual reality headset and connect it to your mobile. In addition, it is possible to contact other players to exchange opinions.

Many Canadian online casinos are now equipped with augmented reality. Players with 3D glasses can access it. This is an opportunity to play in an immersive way within a live casino where you can view the dealer in 3 dimensions.

Motion type control

Gesture control makes it easy for you to direct your online game. Its appearance completely changed the world of internet entertainment. It is an advanced technology that forms an alternative to accessories such as:

  • consoles
  • keyboards
  • the controllers

Gesture control includes the ability to use finger or hand gestures to access menus in your games. You can make your updates and more easily control the features available to you.

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