Top priority in MotoGP for Honda and seeing the power of the engine…

Honda decided to make the video of the press conference showing its 2023 season inaccessible, here are the main points, along with the points that seem to us the most interesting about the speed of the motorcycle.

Yesterday we noticed the frustration of the HRC president, Koji Watanabeand therefore the absolute priority given to MotoGP, as well as the message of Marc Marquez.

From the second half of the 2022 season, Honda began to integrate into the motorcycles the knowledge of its motor racing divisions in the area of ​​aerodynamics and began to see synergistic effects between the experience of motorcycle racing and automotive, including the improved aerodynamic performance. Going forward, Honda will also strengthen its competitiveness by leveraging its knowledge of motor racing combustion technology through relationships between the motorcycle and automotive divisions.

Basically, F1 has already brought aerodynamics to the RC213V, it will soon bring an engine. Rumors indicate that the final test in Valencia showed above all aerodynamic solutions very strongly inspired by Ducati and Aprilia, both innovative in the use of ground effect on the motorcycle.

This connection between the car and motorcycle departments is still confirmed by Shinji AoyamaDirector and Senior Managing Director of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., and now goes both ways
In 1959, Honda took part in the Isle of Man TT race for the first time, at the request of our company founder Mr. Soichiro Honda to be number one in the world in technology. Since then, Honda has participated in various motorcycle and automobile races around the world. Many generations of Honda engineers and motorsport team members before us repeatedly faced difficulties when competing on the world stage, but they overcame those difficulties and they succeeded by overcoming the challenge. In motorsport, this attitude is essential to perfecting our people and our technologies, and is the basis of Honda’s motorsport activities. We will continue to strengthen this “spirit of challenge” and exchange our motorsport activities with our fellow drivers.
In the meantime, Honda has another important mission to pursue in the field of motorsport. This is the realization of carbon neutrality. Honda has already carried out research and development of technologies for carbon neutrality while actively exploiting the field of motorsport. Going forward, we will strengthen our initiatives to implement these technologies in our racing activities. In addition, starting with motorcycles, we will explore the possibilities of entering electric vehicles in the real races in which we participate.
Additionally, this year, in an effort to become a stronger running brand, we established a new structure where Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) assumes responsibility for motor racing activities in addition to its existing functions for motorcycle racing activities. As a result of this change, we began to see positive effects from the collaborative work of technologies and knowledge accumulated by Honda in the respective fields of cycling and motor racing..

Finally, the 2023 Honda teams have been confirmed and, in this regard, the only (very small) surprise is the return of the Tokyo giant to Supersport, with the MIE team of Midori Moriwakithus confirming the rumors that have been circulating for days. Tarran Mackenzie and Adam Norrodin will pilot the CBR600RR and complete the Japanese structure that is also aligned Eric Granado and Hafizh Syahrin in Superbike.

Here is a summary of the Honda teams lined up on the speed circuit: stars indicate a team, a bike or a factory contract…

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