Cultivation at Nogent-le-Rotrou. A new page opens for Nogent cinema

The Nogent-le-Rotrou cinema turns the page. ©Republican Action

No, you are not dreaming. The cinema The Rex in Nogent-le-Rotrou (Eure-et-Loir) should be open 7 days a week.

Elected officials discussed this topic at the city council meeting on Monday, December 12, 2022.

Two candidates…

The owner of the cinema consisting of three rooms, the capital of Perche has assigned, for 5 years, the operation to the company “Photo in support”, within the framework of a public service delegation contract. It expires on December 31.

In this view, a collection of candidates done. Two companies, SARL Cinéode and SAS Noé Cinémas, submitted the application.

Only one company selected?

Finally it was decided to rank the second company in the first place of offers.

Matching offers…

Guy Champion, Municipal Councilor who delegated the Municipal Cinema, to explain the reasons. According to him, the offers are equal.

These two groups each manage about thirty theaters. But Noé Cinémas is the 6th player in France in terms of admissions.

Male Champion

… but Noé Cinémas seems better “armed”

This group weighs in at “three million admissions per year. For 16 years, he runs the Senonches hall, which produces 38,000 entries “.

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Another aspect is also taken into account; that of the problem of energy.

“Cinéode is in the middle of renewing its market and doing it under conditions that seem negative. Whereas Noé Cinémas signed its contract last year and seems to have the capacity to obtain the doubling of the electricity bill. »

What is not sure about Cinéode.

Male Champion

Open 7 days a week

Signed at €10,000 per year at Noé Cinémas, the contract will provide several beneficial aspects.

The cinema should be open 7 days a weekaccording to the wide range of hours that will increase during the school holidays.

Up to 87 weekly sessions…

There will also be up to 68 sessions weekly every week and up to 87 during short school holidays.

Not to mention the general and diverse weekly programming and the “interesting” prices.

Synonymous with reliability

Harold Huwart to define: “This is a new page of cinema that turns”.

He wants to remember that he almost closed 32 years ago. In his eyes, trust in Noé Cinémas will be synonymous with solidity, reliability, fidelity… It will allow the cinema to open in the city. Free Time conferences can be hosted in the cinema.

Three satisfied municipalities

Guy Champion spoke again: “We contacted the three municipalities managed by Noé Cinémas. They are very satisfied. The mayor of Senonches has the same opinion. And Guy Richard, the president of this company knows the town of Nogent very well”.

More communication?

Amadys Castanier, one of the municipal councilors of the minority wanted to make a comment. “Thank you for all the work. But we have very empty rooms. »

Can’t the city relay, on social networks, the programming of the cinema?

Amadis Castanier

To which Guy Champion responded that Noé Cinémas would be effective in communication.

What about equipment?

Pascale de Souancé wondered… “This is an opportunity to have a cinema complex. Glad to see it’s open 7 days a week. This can generate increased attendance. But equipment remaining, does it need to be renewed? And at what cost? »

According to Guy Champion, “with every investment we make, we benefit from the TSA (Tax on admission to movie theaters). This will make it possible to return 90% of the equipment when buying a cinema ticket. The remaining 10% will be returned to the investors”.

And to answer the question more directly, he explains that it will soon be needed exchange the projectors as well as the armchairs that are starting to get tired.

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