great books for their Christmas…outdoor!

Christmas tree approaching and gift wrappers galore, and if we slipped a few books Nature to our young children and youth? what if it means outdoor land and Opening up to the world. Fiction or knowledge, these children’s works are an exciting world – where the Beautiful (is not) arguing it (is not) with the teacher. We stay down so instead: let’s read with them. If we are smart.


Herji and Jeremie Frankfurt, Helvetiq edition. 24.90€

Young researcher Céleste rescues Nobel Prize in physics Michel Mayor – discoverer of the first exoplanet – from invading admirers. Together, they go back in time to meet the biggest names in physics and explore the principles that govern the universe, from gravitational waves to the theory of relativity, including the largest stars, black holes.
An illustrator and a physicist full of humor: shock team! Here in the Universe explains simply and in pictures the physical phenomena that govern our lives. Adventures, gags and surprising encounters at the appointment…
A comic accessible from 14 years old, popularizing many concepts of humor that are known but rarely understood.


Pablo A. Mastro, Ana Suarez. Helvetiq Editions, 14.00€


Stars are those bright points we admire every night in the sky, huge balls of gas burning millions of kilometers from us. But the stars can also be thousands of eyes watching us, dancers in a theater, windows to other worlds… Everything depends on the stories and legends that are broadcast there.

Pablo A. Mastro takes us through time and space on the path of interpretations given by the Inuit, Navajo, Kazakh, Sumerian, Japanese and other cultures to the stars. Ana Suárez’s illustrations, with their symbolic aesthetics, invite readers to imagine their own stories.


Katie Hayoz, Maya Mrak. Helvetiq Editions, 14.90€


A little less Externally, but a mountain literature collector mixing in the sauce of the living dead: we prove it! An alpine adventure – Goats and cheese included. Katie Hayoz revisits Heidi, Johanna Spyri’s classic, with a touch of the living dead. Suspense, humor, bits of corpse and goat excrement, all the elements come together to create a captivating reading experience. Maya Mrak’s illustrations breathe new (undead) life into this 9-chapter story. A prank goes wrong, and now Heidi and her friends Claire and Pierre find themselves with zombies on their trail. To fight them, they will need all the resources of their imagination and their friendship, but also wheels of cheese and a vial of magic potion. No need to read the original to get caught up in the story!


Celine Courjault. Editions Amaterra, 13.90€


IIreland, fishing trips, large (wet) spaces and…a ghost. A novel for readers from 10 years old who want to shake! Sidonie and her cousins ​​go down with their fathers for a holiday on the small island of Inishbofin in Ireland. In the program, bike rides, fishing and board games. But in the small house rented for a week, the children witness strange events. Every night, at midnight, in the deserted living room, the piano keys come alive…We can’t resist the urge to recommend this fiction, which will invite us to go to Ireland…then to say hello to the Scottish, Welsh, British ghosts…


Celine Courjault. Editions Amaterra, 12.90€

BOOKS The-dirty-taste-of-the-air-0-1386x2048

Prudence grew up on a boat, in the air, following her parents’ dream. The novel takes us from the shores of Africa to the West Indies, deviating from the United States. Drama emerges from the beginning, implicit in this novel that depicts the idyllic life of a close-knit family. The betrayal of the mother and the separation of the parents are evoked in the eyes of a rebellious teenager, torn from a dream life. Prudence must rebuild herself in a universe that is completely foreign to her. BEWARE emotions! straight to the heart, crossing landscapes invites you to travel, and tells the territories and imageswhich sometimes a child’s heart cannot do.


Como d’Onio. Editions Amaterra, 12.90€

BOOK The-true-story-of-Snow-White-0

The author is still talking about it! : “You thought you knew everything about the story of Snow White, the stepmother, the poisoned apple, Prince Charming’s kiss. Would you be foolish enough to bite the apple handed out by a witch? No! So why would Snow White be more naive than you? And why would he wait for a man to pass his horse in the middle of the forest where he could do nothing? And then this prince kissing a sleeping girl without asking her opinion, does that sound normal to you?

A modernized version of the story, approaching in a funny way contemporary themes of animal welfare, labor exploitation, or women’s rights…

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