National Council for Refoundation, World Cup… In the headlines this week

vsNational Refoundation Council. Parties, unions and civil society actors are invited to a new meeting of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR), on Monday, December 12 at the Elysée, to take a “progress point” in the way of reforming services in public, three months after a first meeting that was largely boycotted. The CNR, which aims to change France in a different way, through consultation, was launched on September 8 in Marcoussis (Essonne) and has since split into many local CNRs thematic on health, education, housing or digital .

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Meeting. A double international summit will be held this Tuesday, December 13 in Paris: a conference “Solidarity of the Ukrainian people” and a conference for resilience and reconstruction of Ukraine. “Joint Franco-Ukrainian initiative”, the meeting aims to mobilize the international community to help the Ukrainian population as winter approaches. The idea is to enable the country to maintain its basic services, be it water, food, energy, health services or transportation.

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Judgment. The verdict of the trial on the Nice attack of July 14, 2016 will be delivered on Tuesday December 13 “in the course of the afternoon”, announced the president of the special court of assize, Laurent Raviot. This court, specially composed of six professional magistrates, has been judging eight defendants since September 5, three for terrorist criminal association and five for arms trafficking (including one in his absence). The perpetrator of the attack, a 31-year-old Tunisian man, was shot dead by police at the end of his ram truck’s deadly race on the Promenade des Anglais, which left 86 dead and more than 400 injured. injured.

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World Cup. Lionel Messi almost walked out of the World Cup on Friday, but Argentina survived a Netherlands comeback and a terrible penalty shootout (2-2, 4 pens in 3) to join Croatia in the semi-finals. final. Tuesday, in Lusail, the 2022 World Cup will offer a duel for a place in the final between Messi and Luka Modric. The two players continue to amaze and lead their team and their country towards a shared dream, a world title, the first for the team in the checkered jersey and the third for the Albiceleste.

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Cinema.Avatar 2 arrives in cinemas on Wednesday with a triple ambition: to surpass the first opus, the biggest success in the history of the world box office, to deny the death of cinemas in cinemas and to give birth to a legend as legendary as Star Wars. Thirteen years later Avatar which reached 3 billion euros in revenue, Avatar: The Way of Water takes the path of Pandora’s star for a science fiction fable with an ecological tone. Shot, like the first, for 3D, the film stretches for three hours twelve. Cameron and Disney have already acquired the footage for the third installment and are planning a Avatar every two years at least until the fifth, in 2028.

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World Cup. A page in football history must be written during France-Morocco, Wednesday December 14 at 8 pm The outgoing world champions can qualify for their fourth final in seven editions. With the exception of Germany (five between 1966 and 1990), no one has been consistent, not even Brazil or Italy. On the other hand, Morocco has already written history by being the first African country to climb to this level. And the Atlas Lions will find themselves going further, hoping that the wear and tear on their bodies and the possible injury loss of key players will be compensated by the enthusiasm and support of an entire nation, of the entire Arab world and from everyone of the place. Africa.

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Documentary. The first episodes of the documentary Harry and Meghan mostly focused on media harassment, racial innuendo in the press and online. But the sequel to the series, which aired on Thursday, December 15 on Netflix, should discuss in more detail the lack of support from Royals in which the youngest son of King Charles III and his American and mixed-race wife are believed to be victims. Harry and Meghan left the royal family in 2020 and accused it of a lack of support and racism in a shock interview on American TV last year.

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Smic. The automatic reassessment of the minimum wage should be around 1.8% on 1eh January, according to the panel of economists consulted before each increase, which recommends refraining from any “boost”. The announcement will be made this Thursday. The group of experts, led by Gilbert Cette, recalls that, in the context of high inflation in 2022, “the minimum wage has been re-evaluated by 5.6% in total” with increases to 1eh January, until 1eh May and 1eh August. At the end of the last revaluation, the net monthly minimum wage reached 1,329.05 euros.

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Court case. The appeal trial for corruption and influence peddling of Nicolas Sarkozy in the case of “wiretapping” will end on Friday December 16 in Paris in the presence of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, retried with his historical lawyer Thierry Herzog and the former magistrate Gilbert Azibert . In 2021, for the first time, all three were sentenced to three years in prison, including one year. Mr. Sarkozy became the first president of Ve The Republic was sentenced to prison.

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